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  1. There isn't a thread on this yet. I'll start one.

    Any thoughts or ideas? The idea that there are five artists have been thrown around and these artists are Chris Kenner, Eric Jones, and Danny Garcia.

    Someone pointed out that there were the words, "Jockey Club" in the video at one point, I saw it and decided to look it up. I came up with this.

    A "hotel" in vegas. I'm not sure if thats just a coincidence because there is nothing involving magic or a magician that I have found on the site.
  2. I think it is Eric Jones
  3. Yeah have a look at eric Jones elevator cut, it has that little video spasm, like in the teaser.

    Yeah I think it will be eric jones
  4. and more i think. I saw more than just his hands. Maybe 5 different artists each doing a signature effect? who knows
  5. from what i've seen i think it will involve a 5 dollar bill. If you look close it looks like the same object is on the woman's wrist and in the tic tac case, and it looks suspiciously like the back of a 5 dollar bill. and the coin kinda looked like a nickel. both references to 5. As for the artist i'm not making any judgements just yet. But keep searching.
  6. I think it's the next Tom Issacson DVD. I remember a little video of him in the media section a while back saying they were out filming some stuff for his new project with T11, and I think this is the teaser for it.
  7. ok here's what i got, the video displays the Bellagio fountains, with the Jockey Club in the background. I believe that the same item on the womans hand is also on the tic tac case. anybody got anything else?
  8. I saw something that looked like a rubberband going through a rubberband
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    Tom Issacsons stuff hasn't been released yet, but they had an artist diary a while back....
  10. Why would Daniel Garcia release another DVD before his new projects? Im starting to believe it is 5 artists teaching 5 different effects. Eric Jones is probably one of them.
  11. yeap .... or maybe something with apollo... I remember some time ago jb said something involving apollo robins
  12. I'll do a bit of cold reading a la Derren Brown.

    I predict this will center around a certain alphanumeric value.

    I predict this will involve individuals of aged involvement, where the past meets once again.

    I predict this will be supernatural, a force unknown to man.

    I predict this will be more hyped than the Arcane deck.

    ...that last one was a joke.

  13. I remember watching something where Apollo said he was not working on anything with T11 so i dont think he is in. Also in JBs post on the other thread he mention it was "someone you all know" meaning 1 person? Just Eric Jones, as others mentioned the cerca trova under the E....

    Its 1am here and have nothing better to do then post random guesses, maybe il go to sleep to save myself from this nonsence.
  14. WOW this is why I am happy T11 has not released any mentalism.

    Predictions are nothing like cold reading.

    I am not going to even explain the differences.
  15. I reckon its 5 different people.

  16. Okay Mr. Mentalism. My bad. I do understand, but I mixed them.

    I know, don't mix mentalism.

    Interesting link...

    Money managing site.

  17. I'm gonna have to kidnap Jonathan Bayme for this.
  18. Guys,you know wha'?
    Fuc* this guessing game crap. Lets all just..just go to a f'ing bar.
  19. What a great idea! I'll have scotch and soda on the rocks with HINT of mints.

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