Flap cards


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Jul 22, 2016
Is there a resource for this? A DVD or download with ideas and applications for this visual effect?

Thanks in advance!!
Oct 4, 2022
010rusty wrote: Blake Vogt has a download if that more your style

I've got Hondo's 2.0 (excellent) and am working my way through it now; I'm just curious as to whether anyone has gotton both Hondo's Flap 2.0 AND Blake's #4 and has anything to say about the pros and cons of either. Since I already have Hondo's, would it still be worth picking up Blake's #4? (I'll add that I have his split sessions #1 and #2 and they're excellent, with a big plus being the extensive verbal descriptions.) I do wish Hondo's had additional verbal content -- even explanations in Mandarin would be a huge bonus for some of us. Is there anything new in it that I wouldn't get from Hondo's? In particular, Blake's statement "and acro cards that can change on command... hands free!" caught my eye. Feel free to answer by PM if you prefer.
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