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  1. I recently discovered a cheap alternative to flash paper- Tea bags! They work fine for stage magic, but for up close stuff, not so much. The problem is that there is still a tiny piece of ash that remains floating around. I am all for using it, I just felt that maybe there would be a better alternative to flash paper, since it looks so cool as it floats up while on fire, I would love to incorperate it into my routine as more than a small distraction. I want to be able to use it as a main part in my trick, and not have to distract the audience before they see the ash. I would also love some more ideas for flash paper, I want to use it far more than I do (using it as a "voodoo doll" for a card in the deck that mysteriously becomes engulfed in flames)
  2. You don't need a better alternative, you just need some more MISDIRECTION, brother! This immediately came to mind. And the ending is such a huge misdirection against the ash:

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  3. thanks! Loved the video And can't wait to come up with a new routine!

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