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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by KrayKray, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. I'm considering a trick where I produce a hand rolled cigarette/joint that I am able to light and it burns up instantly.

    Would this be something I could achieve with flash paper and cotton, or would there be a better technique to use for something like this?

    Currently I do not have any devices/gimmicks to light flash paper. Any videos or anything you would suggest for this?
  2. Flash paper would definitely be the way to go. You can buy pre-made flash cigarettes here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6359
    Since you're using a fake cigarette/joint, your best bet would probably be to just use a lighter to ignite them. Really depends on how you want to light it though. Do you want it to seem spontaneous or do you want it to happen after you light it?
  3. Thanks Antonio. I want to stay away from ones that look like actual cigarettes due to the filter and it doesn't look hand rolled. I live in an area that has a very high population of weed smokers, so the joint routine would be used more often than the hand rolled cig routine.

    I want it to happen as I light it, as the idea would be that I can smoke it in an instant, blow some smoke and then have it re-appear again (with additional prop) to feed the habit. For safety, I would be using "roach clips" to avoid burning my fingers.

    I ordered some flash paper (Pyrowizard), but it burns kind of slowly (I think, first time using it), so was wondering if rolling flash cotton inside would speed up the process, or if there was a better option or brand that I should be looking at. Any suggestions on where to order from either? I ordered from a shop in Canada.
  4. Flash cotton generally burns faster than flash paper.
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  5. Just ordered some to give this a try. Will let you know how it works out!
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  6. I also have a couple "joint tricks" I do a "one handed speed roll" with a TT. It gets crazy reactions
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  7. I'm intrigued! What is TT?

    Have you ever attempted anything like what I'm looking to do with Flash paper/cotton?
  8. Thumb tip. I hope thats not considered exposure on this forum lol but no I havent. Ive used flash paper for other things but nothing like that. It sounds like a good idea just be careful since youre using both together.
  9. DOH! I should have known that. I don't think that would be exposure, we're here to share an learn!

    I'll be doing some heavy testing before attempting anything, and if it works out, will be using metal clips to hold it when lighting to keep my fingers safe.
  10. Yeah thats a good idea. I imagine thats going to be a huge fireball lol when I do the TT trick, the way it looks is that I sprinkle tobacco (or weed) into my fist, then a balled up paper. I shake my hand and toss a rolled cig (or joint) lightly into the air and catch it on my palm. Really slow and deliberate. As few movements as possible. You could do that but catch your flash paper/cotton cocktail then make it vanish in your huge ball of fire
  11. I've done something similar to this kind of routine where I have a flash cigarette (I use both the Penguin Magic + homemade ones depending on the situation) and I'll ask to borrow someone's cigarette-if I'm at a party where people are rolling cigarettes, I'll use the homemade ones, but otherwise I use the bought ones. The homemade one is just white flash paper+cotton and a little bit of like mulch or tobacco glued to the ends. It's basically a version of Lit where I'll pat my pockets and ask if anyone has a lighter and while I pat my pockets, I switch out the borrowed one for the gaffed flash one. It's usually a dark environment when I perform this so it's mostly safe. Then, imagine a version of Lit by Dan White/Hauss with a cigarette. Currently, I light the flash cigarette which vanishes. Then, the smoke machine in my mouth goes off and another cigarette pops out. Then it unrolls to be a spectators thought-of-card. Right now, the reveal is only written on a piece of cigarette paper but I've been brainstorming ways to have it be an actual card. I have a homemade version which is just a split card rolled up and then the ends are covered with double-sided tape and dipped into tobacco. It only works at parties where everyone's already half-drunk because the second cigarette won't hold up to close examination and I'm awful at gaffs.
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  12. Thanks MattieuZ!

    Are you using Smoke 2.0 or another device? I am looking to do something similar with the smoke and trying to figure out the best way to go.
  13. I use S.S.S., but I imagine Smoke 2.0 would be better, I just never felt like spending the money on it since I had purchased S.S.S. already

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