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  1. SO I have FitH and I don't have flash paper, and I need it. I asked at my local Wal-Mart to one of the workers and they didn't know what it is so, where can I get it? And maybe there is another name for it which I can use in stores? Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. Flash paper, (due to its extreme fire danger) will probably only be available online, at stores such as Penguin Magic.
  3. I've never heard of flash paper as anything but a magical supply (I can't see any other practical uses of it) so you're probably only going to get it as a magic prop online or maybe in a magic store. Let me know if you find some though because I need to get some for FitH as well. It's just so much cooler with the fire.
  4. HAHAAHAHAHA u ask Walmart for flash paper? dude go check at your local magic shop.
  5. Flash paper is Flash paper, not really other names for it. Your local magic shop would be a safe bet to look for it. They may also have it at performing arts stores, as it is often used in theater. Those would be the best places to look.
  6. Problem is, I don't have any nearby magic shops, I even checked online. I guess I might as well order some online.
  7. i got mine from E

    still havent used it yet...
    can probably get it cheaper off penguin or ebay
  8. Are you flipping serious? Flash paper. Wal-mart. What the he11. Who would go to walmart, ask if they had flash paper? A 13 year old who has Fith. Flash paper is sold at magic dealers. Penguin is a good place to get it.
  9. okay eveyone calm down everyone doesn't need to have a go at him. penguin magic, ellusionist and most magic stores have it. i heard the fith can be performed without flash paper
  10. www.MJMmagic.com has the best prices on Flash Paper along with free shipping!

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    I didn't know that it was magic related, I thought it was something in use in everyday life.

    Edit:I went to penguin and saw the flash paper, but also saw the flahs pads they are cheaper, I think it's because there is ;ess of them but is there any difference and what should I get?

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