Flashiest card trick?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aaron.morris, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. What is your favorite flashy/cool card trick?
  2. The flashiest card trick out there might be Jay Sankey's "In a Flash"
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  3. I see what you did there. Lol

    @Aaron.morris I'm assuming by Flashy you mean visual and eye catching? Pretty much what Sans Minds Specializes in. Also, check out Shin Lim's work.

    If you mean show-off-y tricks, then you could probably use a patter to do it with a simple gambling demonstration. Though personally, I think when magicians try and show off how crazy good they are is when people get mad. That's not to say that gambling demonstrations are bad. They are amazing, and I perform some all the time. However, when tricks become "Look at how much more superior I am than you," That's when the entertainment value drops to negative e out of 72. And this applies to any performance, gambling or otherwise.

    If you straight up mean tricks that look nice & perform well, that is super subjective.
  4. My personal favorite trick of that kind would be Dan and Dave's Twinsplit Remix.
  5. I would have to say that my flashiest card trick is a demonstration of how gamblers are able to cheat in poker by always being able to control the aces. A pressure fan is made; each ace is inserted into a different part of the fan; the fan is closed and the deck is then "shuffled." The procedure from there is to then do fancy/flourishy cuts, finding each ace in a different flashy way. First ace is revealed by doing the old drop the deck from above and an ace flips over face up on top; second ace is found by another fancy cut and then the ace comes spinning out into the air and is caught; third ace, I apparently fail but the "wrong" card is "changed" into an ace in their hand. For the fourth ace, two indifferent cards are shown, the deck riffled, the indifferent cards are thrust, with a snatching motion, into the middle of the cards as they are falling, and when the cards are then extracted, the fourth ace is seen reversed between them.
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  6. Lol just spring the cards. That always makes people gasp.

    I always do Jokers Wild. I have my own presentation and it's what I use as an opener for a few of my sets.
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  7. Yeah double meaning intended. It's pretty eye catching and uses a large wad of flash paper.
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