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  1. Hey...

    Flicker is something that I have used for quite some time now, but is something that I tend not to talk about much as I get so much out of it and would like it to stay relatively unknown... but I also think that Michael Paul deserves the recognition and appreciation for such a fantastic creation, and know that many of you will also get a lot from this, and so along with 'Flicker' being made into a nice spangly new manuscript, I would like to post my opinion on this wonderful piece.

    Effect/Product - Flicker

    Creator/Performer - Michael Paul

    Price and Availability - http://magicandmindgames.com/flicker.htm for 14.95 US Dollars, http://www.magicshop.co.uk/p3157/Flicker__-_By_Michael_Paul_-_INSTANT_DOWNLOAD/product_info.html for 11.99 UK Pounds

    Format - PDF Manuscript

    Anything else needed - You will require 'Flash Paper' to be able to utilize this piece


    Imagine being able to alter someones perception of reality, to have them see what cannot be, to cause a moment in time filled with wonder and pure astonishment... this is Flicker.
    At it's most basic, Flicker is a concept that will allow others to see the colour change on the back of a playing card... without any sleights, no angle issues, no set-up, no misdirection, no gimmicked cards, no suggestion, no DR, no stooges instant or otherwise, no joke!
    It works 100% of the time, chance and luck don't come into it, and neither does the selection of spectators.
    Now on it's own it's more than impressive, but the possibilities with such a wonderful concept are quite literally limitless, and many ideas and full routines are shared within the 'Flicker' manuscript.

    Sounds impossible, their must be some catch, something your not telling us:

    Everything stated above is completely and utterly 100% true, though there are a couple of things to be made aware of... firstly this requires the use of flash paper, so if you want to be able to make use of this you'll need to pick some up. Secondly you'll need something to light the flash paper, so you'll need a lighter or pack of matches to be able to utilize this... or if the specs have a light then use theirs, infact i'd recommend this before using your own, but that's just personal preference.

    Their, now you know everything.

    The PDF Manuscript:

    The manuscript is 17 pages in length, and covers absolutely everything you need to know to be able to fully utilize 'Flicker', along with various routines for you to use if you so wish.
    The manuscript looks very nice indeed, and everything is explained very well and is easy to understand. I have always enjoyed the way Michaul Paul constructs his manuscripts, they are easily amongst the very best.
    Excellent work here, well done.


    Aswell as providing a variety of routines/effects utilizing the 'Flicker' concept, from a colour changing deck, to an effect based around someones phobia... Michael has also done something which is very rare now a days in our art, he has come up with an entirely new plot altogether!!
    That's right, not just a new effect/routine, but an entirely new plot in the world of magic/mentalism. I don't want to give it away here, but it's simply brilliant.

    My thoughts:

    Well i've been basically sharing my thoughts throughout and so their is not much for me to really add here... I could go on about how much I love this, how much i've gotten from it and continue to do so, how clean and visual it is etc etc, and I could literally ramble on and on as I absolutely love 'Flicker'... but I feel i've covered everything that is important in a review and so will keep it as is.
    I would have been happy for this to have remained relatively unknown, for it is just too good... but at the same time I want everyone to be able to give others the experience and enjoyment of being witness to such a wonderful piece, and for Michael to be able to get the recognition he deserves, aswell as others to discover his creative and real world material.
    Flicker is not just an effect and/or routine, it's a concept that can be utilized for many effects and routines, and once you know the workings behind it, you'll have a lot of fun creating and coming up with your own uses, aswell as using the ideas provided... of which you will definitely do, as the routines are very well thought out and put together, with stunning results.


    Not difficult at all, anyone will be able to learn and use this, no matter your skill level, knowledge, and style.


    Very visual

    No cover

    No sleights

    No gimmicked cards

    No angle issues... can be done completely surrounded, with someone underneath you, and with another on your head looking down


    No stooges instant or otherwise

    No DR

    Not reliant on suggestion

    Easy to do

    Not exactly going to break the bank, it's priced to be within the range of all


    Erm... well... you see... hmmm... ergh... nope nothing, I honestly do not consider their to be any downsides to this, it's just so good.

    Okay, after having a really good think, i've done my best to come up with what some could consider to be a downsides... I guess...

    Due to the use of 'Flash Paper' and fire, their may be some restrictions as to where this can be performed... I have never come across any problems before, but with the way things are these days you may come across a place that will not be happy with this. I still say just do it, all has been well for me, but their is a possibility you will come across such a situation and so i'll include it to make this review as thorough as possible.

    Phew... I managed it... though I still say their are no downsides to this piece.


    Well their you have it, I have given you my honest thoughts and opinion, and everything I have stated is true... this is truly a gem, and something that you will actually use yourself in performances.
    A real world, workable concept that is as good as being 'real' magic... I can't recommend this enough, you will not regret the investment, it will serve you well and bring something unique and fresh to your performances.

    Cheers Michael for releasing this to us, it is truly something special.
  2. sounds like an awesome trick
    i would have liked to see the actual changes in the demo video though, to see the "visualness" of the trick
    but i will consider buying this trick :)
  3. Because of the nature of the effect, it'd be very difficult to recreate what someone see's in real life on the demo.

    It's a very cool idea. You should check it out :)

  4. it's hard but it's pretty lookin
  5. y2john: Thanks for the awesome review, and glad you liked it!!

    Dee: Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked it!!

    JP: Are you sure you're thinking of Flicker when you say it's hard???? LOL. It's self working...

    Thanks guys!

  6. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say that Michael performed this for me during the filming of his new dvd "Reality Check" and its killer. The visualness of the change from red to blue to red again....and then BACK to blue is just so sick.

    Looking at the reactions on the demo you can see how powerful this effect is. Just that first quick change gets them interested...then when everything changes...it hits. This is definately a worker and you can see that it has been worked. If you don't have this, I highly recommend you get it.

    Matthew Mello
  7. This is a Really amazing effect and it looks absolutley fantastic when i first tried it i thought wow this has alot of potential and great to perform

  8. When i first clicked on this i thought it was a review of the Theory11 1on1 Flicker by Doug Mckenzie, im sure that is what he was talking about maybe? Other than that very nice review and i will have to look into the effect. Thanks.
  9. You know, I bet you're right. Good thinking. This is def not a coin effect...
  10. I tried it and it didnt work for me.
    Dunno why...
    just didnt work..
  11. Flicker works as a matter of science... it's not a "hit or miss" effect, and doesn't work for some and not others. If you need help or have questions, feel free to email me.

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