Flicker by Michael Paul

Dec 1, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario
Yes I own it. It's pretty neat but I found that it is not "as good as described". The "Flicker" is very inconsistent I've found, sometimes it will go for a couple seconds and sometimes it will last only a split second. Sometimes it's not too clear either. Also it's not impromptu, you will need something extra.
It's gives you some ideas for a routine though and also variations of the routine.

Although I don't see myself performing this for an audience, it's up to you.
Flicker is quite an interesting principle. Is a self working, visual color change that looks really interesting. I can't quite say if I like the way it looks or not... I'm kind of on the fence. However, I just love magic and think its a really cool principle to know.

Sep 5, 2007

Flicker will be as consistent as the gimmick you use to accomplish it. Questions? E-mail me.

Also, certain lighting will effect it... the Flicker doesn't look as good under flourescent lighting.

Google Flicker and my name and you'll find a TON of posts on the internet about Flicker's impact... or you could just email Justin Miller or Sean Fields, I think they're both members here.

Keep in mind, Flicker is a principal, not a sleight... which makes it easy, effective, angle-proof, and direct. No misdirection, knuckle busting, set-up (ok... VERY little set up), "gimmicks", or experience required. For what it is (a new principal, and a brand new card plot), it's well under-priced.
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
is Flicker the one where the card changes from red to blue and back to red with absolutely no sleight of hand?
I didnt really like it. I couldnt see the change for my life for some reason. I just did it and nothing happened.
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