Flourisher with Infinity Symbol tattoed

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  1. Hello guys :) I have a rather odd question. I am searching a flourisher with a infinity symbol tattoo between his thumb and index finger. I saw his videos some years ago, and i loved his style, but i cant find him anymore. Does anyone know who i am talking about? :)
  2. I think you're talking about Daniel Madison. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the first name that crosses my mind
  3. It could possibly also be Chris Ramsay.
  4. I feel like if he was talking about Ramsay or Madison, the fact that their hands are covered in tattoos (not just one in the thumb webbing) would have also been mentioned.
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  5. You're probably right. I originally said Ramsay because I thought I remembered him having a tattoo similar to that. Turns out I was thinking of an hourglass on his index finger so it isn't him.
  6. Its none of them both. He only had a single infinty symbol tattoed. :D he did some crazy shit, like the top of the top stuff.
  7. Predator Deck? He has a DNA infinity symbol tattooed on his hand (this is not his channel btw, this is just an archive video of his I uploaded on my channel:
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  8. youre a fucking god jedrick! thank you very much!

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