Flourishing helps magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by b-llusion, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I don't want to start anything bad but does anyone think that starting out in flourishing will help improve magic? I think that flourishing would help with being able to handle cards better and improve your sleights. Does anyone else agree?
  2. Becoming more proficient at flourishing means that you are gaining more control over the cards- That's a given.

    So yes, I believe that some flourishes will improve your finger/hand dexterity, speed, and control, thus improving your ability to execute certain sleights.
  3. I think so too. I started up flourishing because it looked fun and it just seemed a cool thing to do, no audience needed :p
    And yes my overall handling has improved :)
  4. I couldn't agree more. Flourishing is obviously much more difficult in execution than the majority of card effects. Not only does flourishing compliment magic well (and vice versa), but it would certainly play a role in improving dexterity, speed, control, and so forth - as well. At least, from my personal experience.

    I just wish I could master half of the material on Motion. Ha.
  5. Look at Jon, advertising on his own forums ;)

    Yeah... I wish I could flourish like some of the people on here. (Dan, Dave, Andrei, Daniel...)
  6. I cannot do a single flourish from the flourish disc on the Trilogy. I learned A LOT from the flourishes 101 section on the EVerything Else disc, but from the flourishes disc... NOT A SINGLE THING!

    So far from Motion, I have down: Sybil in the Rain, Turnover, Lethal, Lethal X, and almost Twisted Rain

    Dangerous teaching so awesome. A beginner flourisher like me can do an advanced cut like Lethal. :) It's awesome.

  7. Haha, nice!

    I can do the molecule 4... sort of. And I can pull off a slow sybil.

    I'm going to bed and practicing the one-handed revolution. Yeah, seriously. :/
  8. [Gasp] I would never!

    As do I. As do I.
  9. Well motion is okay for flourishes.:rolleyes: Notice the sarcasm.
  10. It's actually not an advanced cut....
  11. Yes lethal is not an advance cut. It's more of an intermediate. Mayhem is much harder.
  12. I think it is true that flourishes can help improve your magic sleights. But card manipulation is even more better for improving sleights than flourishes...
  13. I think flourishing does help magic. When I just started magic, my sleights were pretty bad. After a few months, I started flourishing and my sleights improved way faster.

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