Flourishing or Magic?

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Flourishing or Magic?

  1. Flourishing

    7 vote(s)
  2. Magic

    19 vote(s)
  3. Both

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  1. Just a poll, who does what.

    If you only do one....Why is that?

    And for those that do both, which do you focus on, and again, why?
  2. I do both. But is depends on what I have a fever for. Sometimes if I watch a really good magic trick, it inspires me to practice and perfect my sleights. And same with flourishing. So I rock back and forth between the two.
  3. I'm trying to get myself into flourishing, but as of now I could really only say that I do magic.
  4. for me i rater just do magic for now
  5. I do card magic so it's only natural that flourishing fits
  6. magic is an art..
    flourishing is a great tool to present the art of magic..
  7. I disagree, flourishing is just as much an art as magic is but in a differant way. Instead of impressing people with how well you can subtly manipulate cards, as in magic, you instead make the manipulation take center stage. Both require skill and practice and are aesthetically pleasing.
  8. I completely agree with you.

    I do both but mostly flourishing.

    I don't do tricks that much except for when I'm flourishing and all my friends come by and are like "i wanna see a trick."

    and also with magic tricks, there's something that you can figure out... with flourishing, its just entertainment that takes a whole lot of skill to do
  9. i'm mainly a flourisher... i know many sleights, and rare occasion perform some nice tricks
  10. Magic, Magic, Magic, Magic, Magic, Mushroom Mushroom...I digress

    For me, magic is my calling; always has been always will. I wake up to double lifts, eat a breakfast of knowledge of John Steranko, exercise to the beat of the classic pass, relax to the calming sounds of David Harkey, etc....

    Never been much of a flourisher though. I have the two Brian Tutor DVDs from which I learned 2 one-handed cuts, the thumb fan, and the one handed fan. That's it.

    I really wanna see what comes out of all these fourishers though...their chops have to be pretty badass and if they get into magic....us magicians have to watch out.

    ~David Rysin
  11. I can't get magic out of my head so that is what I am doing most of the time. But I do enjoy flourishing, juggling, knife throwing, etc.

    I like to interact with my audience, and magic naturally lends itself to strong audience interaction.
  12. I do both.

    They are both equal arts.
  13. Fatal Ace sounds just like me.

    I watch some trick or something, I'm on a magic streak where I just practice magic and do tricks. Then I see some awesome flourishing video and practice flourishing. I do perform magic more often then flourishing because I'm more well known for my magic so people ask me to perform magic more.

  14. I dont know why, but that made me LOL! HAHA
  15. I do like 80% magic, because it's magical, but flourishing can sometimes be fun too, but I don't put as much time into it thats why I am not that great, although I am pretty darn good at Molecule 4 cut
  16. Magic.

    I practise with a deck of cards to perform magic. Layman couldn't give ****e about flourishes and same goes for me :p
  17. I disagree I feel laymen enjoy flourishes alot but I think they tend to enjoy the interaction they have with magic.
    Happy Holidays,
  18. i prefer magic because i love to perform and i want to get better at it. But oh man flourishes are amazing so i do some of that too.
  19. I only do magic, because that's what interests me. Flourishes, in my opinion, are a waste of time.
  20. I dont know. Do you really think someone (non-cardician) could be interested how you can spin a deck of cards in your hands and build a train with it ..

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