Flourishing with a full deck?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Gambit_x, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hey guys I was wondering if you practice with a full deck ? or do you take 5 or so cards out.

    I watched the Extreme beginner dvd and they recommend taking a few cards out of the deck.
  2. Well I usually practice with a full deck but when you take out 2 or 3 cards the deck becomes thinner and it's easier to handle with.
  3. Taking out like 3 cards , makes a huge difference for me, flourishes are easier!
  4. I wanna be able to do flourishes with any deck, anytime, anywhere...

    So I never take cards out. I like to handle cards just as they are. I also don't use fanning powder, same reason. I wanna use the cards as they come from the factory.
    I do take the add cards and the jokers out though. Unless the cards the hugely thin, then I keep the jokers.
  5. the same for me :p.. I hate fanning powder
  6. I take ad cards out, but not the Jokers. I've never used fanning powder, but I don't I will ever use it.

  7. There's no deck like a FULL deck... please guys when you're going out, you can't leave your pants at home either.... do you?
    If you can't flourish with a full deck, you got to keep practising....!!!
  8. I perform, practice etc. with a full deck, both jokers. No ad cards though obviously.
  9. He said while performing you can sneak a few cards out if you like. In the mean time you should practice with a full deck, and you should be ready to perform with a full deck.

  10. The main thing to remember is:

    If you practice with a full deck, it will be even easier when you subtract cards.

    If you practice with less, it will be harder when you add cards.

    The former sounds more practical to me.
  11. i practice with 56 cards, then when im ready to perform on film or in front of someone, i remove 4 cards and flourish, makes a huge differance..especially with thick cards
  12. hey thanks for the replies guys. I was just curious In how some of you do things.
  13. depends on the flourish... e.g. mayhem or fly is very hard to do with a full deck
  14. more cards makes it easier to keep fans together and they look better.

    if youre having trouble with the size, remember an E deck with 5 cards removed is about the same as a deck of old STUDS or an Absolut , etc, so theres other variables.
  15. Yeah it all really depends on you. I personally remove the jokers but keep them for effects or for show if they look particularly cool e.g. ghosts or shadow masters and place them places for reveals.

    But yes, it can be easier with less but some people may find it harder. It really is up to you. There is no "should".

  16. Like swinging a bunch of bats for baseball practice, practice is practice. Whatever makes you learn the motions and help create competence for your manipulation. For performances removing about 3-4 cards helps slim down and makes the deck feel lighter and easier to handle for you. Creates some confidence and less likely to make a mistake during your routine.

    Whatever floats your boat, but that's pretty much the gist of it.
  17. I LOVE A FULL DECK. There's nothing like it. I prefer it.
  18. I leave the jokers and throw the ad cards out. Full deck is the way to go, as someone else stated if you can't flourish with a full deck you just need to practice more.
  19. I practice with a full deck.
    A full deck stretches your fingers out more than "less then a full deck"

  20. Very interesting thread. :)
    Guys I use full decks with jokers and even advertising cards :) Joke. Only with jokers 54 cards. It's harder to flourishing with full deck but I like it. ANd I like jokers beacause there is much great effects with it.

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