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  1. Basically....it doesn't seem like my thumb is large enough to support all the cards in a flower fan. I'm having trouble springing the rest of the cards as well...after a few cards I get 'stuck'.
    Do I need more finger strength or something?
  2. Did you practice it? Hehe of corse you did. The starting grip is important, make sure the end of the deck is in the center of the thumb. These pictures should help out with thumb postitining....

    Should be like this....

    Not this

    As for the cards getting "stuck", try using more broken in cards that can bend along the short end easier (not like the massa's in the pictue LOL). Finger strength helps, but if you use pliable cards, you should be good. Any more questions just post up....
  3. ah thanks. i just needed help on the starting position. it starts on the pad of the thumb, right?

    and yes, i do practice a lot.
  4. Just out of curiosity what method do you use to accomplish the fan. Do you do a "Pressure Fan"grip or a "Side Spring" grip?

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    I use the side spring method - I can't use the pressure fan method at all. Thanks for asking. ;)
    the pictures of the right grip made a huge difference.
    Now....a quick question: which side of the deck are the cards sprung from? is it the side touching your thumbs, or the side touching the fingers?

    Oh yeah, and could I get a pic of the proper starting position of the right hand fingers? I'm not exactly sure where to position them to spring the cards off one by one. Maybe flush with the deck?

    thanks so much,

    PS: Don't worry...I am not looking for a free tutorial. I did not learn this off youtube or anything like that.
  6. The side spring technique is the easiest imo, the other techniques take a while getting used to. Starting out yes, hold the deck on the pad of the thumb and not below i.e. joint area. Not sure I understand the second question, but your hands should both face fingers, not thumbs, out when doing the fan. As for pix I'll try to upload some tomorrow, but the fingers that are doing the springing should be in the upper half of the deck and should protrude a bit below the deck, if that makes much sense. I've been meaning to do a tutorial for this move for quite some time now but I guess I'm either to busy or too lazy lol

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