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    Ok guys. Got another thing I've been thinkin about lately. I'm a sophomore in high school, and every year we have powder puff football for girls to play and the guys are cheerleaders. At halftime, the senior guys do a performance ( and its halarious). My senior year, I wanna do this and at the end of the performance, I wanna do a vanish right on the 50 yard line. I don't know how I'm gonna do it yet, but what do you guys think. ( If you have an idea, a PM would be greatly appreciated) Thanks guys!
  2. I've got nothing but get a vid of that, that will be great. Try some sort of diversion like smoke or fire, or try wter, I dunno.
  3. You need to first logically think how this can be achived, then take off from there. If you can't think of anything then you should re-think and do somthing else.
  4. i will thank you
  5. there are a lot of methods to accomplish this vanish, yet you need to establish your-time limit,budget and the circumstances u will be performing this illusion in.
  6. The only way I can think of doing it is some type of diversion where you somehow exit the field looking just like one of the cheerleaders or a mascot.

    Another idea that comes to mind is the football team "run through" sign that alot of teams have now days you could somehow use that in the act as a bit of cover.

    I'm just brain storming ideas man. Never even tried this before.
  7. im glad you brain stormed i probably wouldnt have thought about that. Thank you.

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