For the mentalists here, I'd like your opinion.

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  1. I would like to know what your opinion is on the best product out there for finding out a spectator's written word/s. To be specific, I ask them to think of a song title and artist and write it down, so if it works with about 3-4 written words then that would be perfect). I did some research and found a few products, but they mostly show demos of the magician doing drawing duplications, so I'm not sure if those'll work with reading a small group of words. I'm thinking of getting Psypher by B. Smith. What are your thoughts..?

    Thanks! :D
  2. In one word -- BILLETS

    Second Option = Imp Pad such as the John Rigg's Butterfly or Parapad

    Third. . . learn how to Pencil read

    My last suggestion is to give them a specific group of titles to choose from. . . look up a piece entitled Sensory Projection from the Underground Collective, the formula can be adapted to music.
  3. Thank you, sir :D Which billet would you recommend? One where you don't need to rub the paper on your head would be nice :p
  4. I have heard Great things a bout Psypher by Robert Smith
  5. Psypher is a good imp device that works great if you usually carry a deck of cards.
  6. Even though that's the method he used the most in the DVD, i find it to be the weakest one. It works much better with a pad or business cards.
    While we're at subject, "The Ghost by Paul Nardini" looks good, however I don't own it so I cannot say if it's really good or not.
  7. What's that about?

    If you don't know what a Billet is, you need to study Corinda again or better yet, get a copy of SWITCHCRAFT.
  8. I use Spidey's SneakPeek. It can be purchased from this site.
  9. Four spectators. Four envelopes. Grammy theme. Each spectator is told a category (best new artist who writes their own material, best artist to emerge from rehab, best former Disney star that hasn't embarrassed themselves, best female artist who hasnt undergone plastic surgery, best rap artist who hasnt been incarcerated, etc.) and then writes down the artist and song and puts it in the envelope. The envelopes are mixed. You take each envelope (which has nothing written on it) name the category and then name the winner. The spectator's envelope is opened and they read the song they wrote. Sounds like a Q&A routine to me.

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