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    If you have a Facebook and like taking the quizzes application, then check out my new "What T11 artist are you?" quiz I created. Here is the link: List your result here.

    Have fun! Also, for some reason, number 4 turned out wrong. Sorry.
  2. I got Dan & Dave Buck:)
  3. Cool! Well, I'm trying to work on number 4 to make it more fair.
  4. I am Wayne Houchin.
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    Katie is Chris Kenner...
    And I'm Aaron Fisher.

  6. Facebook sucks.
  7. I got Kenner.... Interesting.

    That means I'm gonna have a hot girlfriend who knows how to do magic.
  8. Well then don't take the quiz :D
  9. Sure would be tough to take it anyway. What with me being Facebookless and all...
  10. There sure are a lot of supporting facts and premises to back up this argument. You almost had me convinced ;)

  11. What are you trying to prove, man? If you don't like facebook, then don't come to this thread. Easy enough, right?:)
  12. I took it twice... I apparently, am both Chris Kenner and Wayne Houchin at the same time!

  13. Agreed and in my opinion if all somebody can say is "______ sucks," with no argument, they might as well not speak... Thats like saying only "look card" when you bring their card to the top in an ACR.

  14. lol, I'm Wayne Houchin:p
  15. I got Aaron Fisher!

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