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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Hey all, I don't know if it's user error or not but I could NOT log into my account on the forums today from work using Internet Explorer. I tried it first on my Iphone using IOS ...7? 8? What ever the most recent IOS is and it just lagged out my phone browser to death so I went to the computer in the office and couldn't log in there either. Like I'd put my info in, hit enter, and it would just sit there. No thinking icon on the mouse, no indication it was working. Just nothing.

    May want to have one of your tech boys take a look at this.
  2. I hate to break to you, but EVERYBODY hates IE. Hell, even IE hates IE.
  3. who the hell uses IE? Even my grandma know's enough about tech to upgrade the hell off of that archaic piece or garbage. Get your self some google chrome or at a minimum firefox.
  4. At work it's not my computer to upgrade.
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    Yea, IE is a never ending battle. It doesn't tend to work well with most things on theory11 because it simply does not support modern web standards. Our developer spends a disproportionate amount of time trying to reconcile issues with IE. It is a problem that many, many sites face. Newer versions of IE are much better (not perfect by a long stretch), but older versions (the ones many people are stuck with at work) are abysmal at processing modern websites. There are entire movements out there dedicated to the eradication of IE (either old versions or all together) from the net.

    I've alerted our developer to this to see if we can get the login issue squared away. If we know of an issue, we will always try to get it fixed up. IE sometimes just creates more issues than we can find. If you bump into any others, let me and the rest of the support team know at and we will get things squared up for you.

    // L
  6. Yeah. IE is known as a technical nightmare when it comes to compliance. From what I've understood, many web programmers don't even bother worrying about it because most people only use IE to download and install either Chrome or Firefox.

    However - I will note that I've always had issues with the T11 site/forums on my phone (Droid Razr). From what I understand, this is pretty standard. The site just isn't optimized at all for phones.

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