Found a very odd coin in a very odd place.

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    Found an odd coin.

    I found a small (penny sized), square (with round corners) silver coin. It says on it that its from India, It is a "1/2 anna" and it was made a long time ago (I believe 1947). The odd thing is that I found it in my dresser drawer when I bought it a few years ago. The dresser was ancient and it was wedged in the top back corner of the top drawer.

    Anyone ever heard of a similar coin? Or know what it would be worth (not that I would sell it unless it was big money). Or even have a similar story?
  2. i have found the coin you are talking about from my grandma's jar of coins some time ago. I don't think it's worth anything, but if you want to use it for you magic, you can built a presentation round it, it's surely a strange looking coin
    Does yours have a hole in the center? cos my does.
  3. It doesn't actually.
  4. well, mine looked exactly the way you described except it has a hole in the middle , I guess mine is special!
  5. I talked to my brother whom collects coins from all over the world, he wasn't sure what it was till I mentioned it's shape. Then he said it might be a british india coin with George VI on the head side.

    not sure, try looking that up to see if you get anything.

    He said that that particular coin is a half anna


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