Four of a Kind Battle

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by BenTCM, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. The best trick involving four of a kind. It doesn't matter if its a change, production, vanish, collecters, ect....
    Anything with four of a kind is fine. Anyone up for the challenge?

  2. me :D i want to battle
  3. Okay! Let's make our videos!
  4. That was well done. I liked the classic force and reactions...not bad.
  5. You're from Romania huh? That's interesting, one of my newer friends is a lovely girl from Romania. Anyway. I liked your vid. As the guy above me said, the ending was nice, and very well done. The first few phases though weren't as solid as that one - you fumbled a fair bit, especially in the first one, and your cameraman didn't help actually.

    I watched this video about two hours ago, and am only now commenting on it. I can't remember what the second and third phases were - except that the second phase was unclear to me. For me, that says something about the trick - some parts were better than others, but all in all a decent effort.
  6. I will try to get my video made by today or tomorrow. Sorry for that wait, I have been VERY busy.
  7. no problem:) take your time :D
    thanks for the replies :) i will do better next time :D
  8. I don't think that i can explain it but i will try:) :
    After i found the first A i told the girl that the second A will be found only with one hand:) but not with my left one instead i will find it with my right:) (she didn't saw the move)...
  9. I should have mine up tonight. If not it'll be tomorrow. Not all that hard and I may have flashed a bit but hey, its just a battle. I think the cleverness of it overrides the imperfect (whose isn't?) Pass.
  10. I hope that was a rhetorical question. :p
  11. Oh how modest of you. Haha.
  12. Wait, there are 3 people battling? Okay then! More competition!
  13. Yep mine should be up tonight.
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  15. I wasn't referring to me. I can't pass for sh*t. But I don't need to, I'm not a card magician. I do use certain passes, but only when necessary, and I pick the best pass for the situation. I just don't like laziness. If you can't pass, then don't, that's fine. (Note: "You" is meant in a general sense here, not referring specifically to you) I can't. But if you're going to use one, then at least do it well - put some effort into it and take pride in your work. We all have amazing potential, something special up our sleeve (and it's not an extra Ace). I liked the video. I mean, I think you know what you need to work on, really. But I do think you need a different lift. That's the movement most commonly used by magic uncles and very young children worldwide, and you obviously have the skill to be better than that.
  16. Well thank you for the concerns and motivation. :D My pass is ususally considerably better then that but I just wanted to get the video up quickly. Also, in my defense I had a relatively bad camera angle. I have no tripod and had no one to hold it for me. So given those conditions I was sort of lax about the flashes. Thank you for the feedback though. It's appreciated.
  17. No worries, I can sympathise with camera issues. I only have a webcam myself, and besides which, reading my own mind, whilst occasionally difficult and often confusing, doesn't lend itself towards good theatre :p
  18. Haha. Quoted for truth. Now we just need the third guy to post his video.
  19. May I enter with a Scarne's Aces Routine? I've never done a battle before so I apologize in advance!

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