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  1. I've just started out with cardistry and wanted a few different decks to try out. Most reviews that I look at either include the Fournier 505 or Fournier 18 Victorias. I was wondering if anybody could give me a few pros & cons/ratings on each deck and a bit of advice on which is better in general.
  2. I haven't used them so this is coming from what I've read.
    they are smooth plastic coated cards.
    personally I can understand wanting cards that can take a beating but I hate the feel of smooth cards.
    from what I've read they are thicker then regular cards but not as bad as plastic cards and they are super stiff out of the box taking a long time to break in
    they are pretty inexpensive so not a big loss to get and try out
    when i first started with cardistry i thought stiffer cards would be better but i have found for me i like a softer card i found a deck made by cartamundi that i really like right now
  3. BOTTOM LINE: everyone has their own preferences = the cards you like won't be like the cards someone else likes. Some like thick, others thin - so the only person who can "rate" cards and how they "feel or handle" ... is you.

    The best thing you can do is purchase decks from different manufactures, USPCC, Cartamundi etc. and find the company that makes the cards you like and stick with it. In the USA the most common cards are going to be from USPCC

    For cardistry, most people buy cards that "LOOK COOL" when flourishing and those people are so good at it - that it doesn't matter who makes their cards.

    It's like basketball, the expensive shoes don't make you "good" at basketball. They might look cool, they might even make you feel good and boost your ego, but they won't help you dunk or sink 3 pointers. If you're good at cardistry, you'll be good no matter what deck you pick up.

    Cards are just flat pieces of paper, cut into rectangles and MOST cards are made exactly the same with only the slightest of differences between manufactures.

    ONLY buy the cards YOU like and you'll never be disappointed.
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  4. I have some 505s and as mentioned above they are rather stiff. I don't do much cardistry so I can't comment there. As jakee says, some other cards are softer and handle differently. It can be difficult to know if another deck of cads only looks different or really is different. Since they are both Fournier and about the same price, there is probably not much difference. At least compared to switching to Cartamundi, UPSCC or Expert.

    Try them both and let us know which one you like the best.

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