Fraud by Daniel Garcia

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  1. When I first watched the demo video, I thought the effect was too good to be true. I figured it couldn't be that clean in person. I also read many poor reviews complaining about the difficulty of setting up the gimmick and destroying money...etc. So i didn't buy it.

    Few months later, my curiosity got the better of me, I caved and purchased Fraud. My first impression of the method was not a good one. Creating the gimmick is frustrating and time consuming. I thought that a bill had to be destroyed every time you performed. So my first experience with this trick was not a good one.

    I finally managed to make a gimmick, and did a test run. I performed it for my girlfriends parents, who were always skeptical about magic tricks. Their reaction was incredible. They still talked about it months later, and mentioned it to anyone who brought up one of my tricks.

    My initial thoughts changed completely, and I discovered that even though you need to make a new gimmick every time you perform, you wont spend any more than the initial dollar used. The method is true genius, you hand them the bill, and it is signed, and completely examinable. The seal is on the other side of the bill, and its not moving back anytime soon.

    This is the ultimate closer, completely unexpected, and true brilliance. If you are looking for a killer money trick, this is for you.

    Side note: You are not limited to moving the seal. With a little work and imagination, you can move any small part of the bill to any other, including the other side. In one version i perform, I move it off the bill onto a playing card, and in once case, my skin.

    hope this review was helpful.
  2. Yeah I have fraud, Kinda sucks for canadians tho, i'm still trying to figure out a way for it to work with new Canadian bills
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  3. i really love this effect, in regard to the gimmick, if you make 3 or 4 at a time it doesn't really seam to be that big of a deal and they can be knocked out in around 3 minutes each, and also i think its worth noting that it doesn't really cost you anything to preform this effect
  4. I'm also Canadian. What works nicely is moving the seal from an American one dollar bill to a Canadian five dollar bill. I hope that helps! :)
  5. SO, Is it really hard to use a foreign bill? For example, Norwegian Kroner (NOK)?

  6. It depends on the bill really. If there is an object similar to the seal on the American bill, it can be done.
  7. Yeah I remember when Fraud came out. It was the first trick I acually saw on E. I don't really perform it that much but I do love the effect.

    Peace out,
  8. It's not necessary to have to use your own currency. I know it's better if you can, but if you can't, you don't have to. I've been performing Fraud since a week after its release, and have never used other currencies except american dollar.
    It's how you script your approach that matters. I went up to them, and asked them if they recognize the bill (american dollar), most people will say yes, if they said no, then... well, just tell them they're so dumb they couldn't recognize an american bill (just kidding!)

    And then you tell them how much the American government have sacrificed and put in into protecting they're currency that they thought, now, it's perfect... well, not really.. let me show you what i mean... *proceed with the effect*

    That's how i perform this effect. The best part is, that they actually believed in all that, and went and exchanged the american currency and tried doing it themselves. And then they would approach me another day to tell me how many times they've failed, and I would calmly reply: "Well, if everyone can do what i did, then the american dollar is history."

    P.S. I've noticed some countries' currencies are more plastic-like (like australian dollar) rather than paper-like (like the american dollar), if you own this effect then you should know what i'm talking about and what my concerns are in regards to the difference. Just perform with the American Dollar.
  9. one of my favorite tricks actually. once you get the hang of it, gimmick are easy to make, but the time is well spent because it gets an amazing reaction. i use it as a very powerful close, danny garcia is brilliant
  10. Alright, thanks for the help.
  11. Fraud is definatly a great effect, but the set up for it is a killer. I Close a routine that uses money with fraud, because it wraps everything up very nicely. it's a hard hitting effect, that can really make jaws drop if preformed right!

  12. I have bought a couple of effects that require one to “make” the gimmick. I wondered after the first one oh my what have I gotten myself into- Heck I had to pay $5 to “learn” how to split a card for another gimmick. It took me many tries but I have that down pretty well but have not actually performed the effect yet because of other..constraints. I am a crippled newbie who has a few distractions to practice which as you all know is a bit of a requirement. Heck I have forgotten more about S&Soda than I can recall today- Age is a B$*ch. I am thinking about this one too but might be too much for me know.

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