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  1. First let me say that when I saw this effect performed for me I was blown away. Even as a magician it fooled me.

    The DVD comes in a plastic DVD shell, like any other standard DVD. The graphic work is good on the cover as well as on the DVD... pretty standard stuff really.

    The DVD shows the effect being performed live, and then you go into the studio like every other teaching DVD in the world. The video quality is fantastic though.

    Daniel teaches everything very well. Even though his descriptions tend to be a little wordy and "lowest common denominator" I suppose that needs to be done so everyone can understand the trick and the execution. But I always feel a little ticked.. I hate being talked down to. Just my personal opinion.

    The trick is fairly easy to pull off once you know the secret involved, just like any great magic trick. The instructions are detailed and Daniel goes into the very minute details and makes sure to vober everything.

    Overall, its a fantastic effect that will leave your spectator wondering 'Huh?' especially when you hand them the bill to be examined.
  2. Fraud is such an amazing deal. I have performed this so many times and I get so many great reactions. People have no idea what is going on. You borrow their dollar and then you physically manipulate it.

    I highly recommend Fraud. This trick gets such great reactions.
  3. I have this effect, really great. but i never performed much. but i hhave a question for those who have done it to many people--do people get mad that destroy there dollar?
  4. I have done this effect a few times, no one gets angry at me for it, since its still money, its just with their name on it this time. Remember you can always give them a new dollar or you could just move it back. :D

    - Charles :cool: "Hey, I didn't give you a one, it was a twenty."
  5. No one has ever gotten mad at me. Alot of people say that they plan to keep it! No one (so far) has had a problem with it, seeing as it really is just one dollar.. It's not alot... Frankly, the illusion is worth it. :)
  6. Only US dollar bill?

    Just wondering about this trick - borrowed dollar bill from audience. Does it only work on US dollar bill? I assume it's a gimmicked (or gaffed) bill that got swapped with the borrowed bill, yes? If so, it will only on US bills, not other currency bills, yes?
  7. Depends- you gotta figure out what to move with the currency in mind. Daniel teaches how to do fraud with an american dollar.

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