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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Mnemonimage, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wanted to ask everyone: What card effect has most freaked you out recently?

    Some of the effects that worked on me were Blind (Daniel Madison), Sympathy for the Devil (Paul Vigil), and Triple Coincidence (Juan Tamariz). Honorable mention for Ramjollock (Ben Earl), and Perfection (Oz Pearlman). I love that eerie sense of strange forces in the coincidence routines.

    Sadly, I'm so infatuated with this concept, I might be overdoing it, so I'm looking for other effects that have wigged people out.

    So, even if you knew the technique, what effects have sent chills up your spine?
  2. I have my own effect with tarot cards where Lucifers card begins to bleed.
    Though ive only invented the method for this but no reason as to why the spectator should care. Ive been pretty lazy lately.
  3. Watching an old video clip of Tony Andruzzi perform a haunted tarot deck.
  4. 2 card monte wow how is this done?
  5. Sympathy is a fantastic routine.
  6. i've never seen sympathy.. is there a video? I couldn't find one
  7. I've never seen an actual video of Sympathy being performed unfortunately. Although to some extent I'm glad of it - only those who actually purchase the effect will be able to see how amazing it is. The perfectly constructed routine. Presentation and technical skill are two main areas people need to practice - but it's so much better with a well constructed routine.

    All I can say is, it's worth the money if you're interested. I can describe the plot if you don't know it, though.
  8. Wholeheartedly agree. I'm generally reluctant to pay for an effect without at least a demo, but I'm glad I did. Worth every penny.
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  10. I can help you out

    I can give you a hand with it if you need help with it. PM me
  11. Im pretty sure he was being sarcastic.
  12. Could you describe it please? I'm interested :rolleyes:
  13. A description can never do it exact justice, especially given the presentation (based on choice and chance), but I'll do my best to describe the plot.

    A deck is removed, and is freely cut into two piles by the spectator. One is selected and cut into half again. One half is taken by several spectators to mix up triumph style (NB: Free choice)- face up and face down. The other half is isolated within a wine glass and covered. The two piles are placed into separate wine glasses, and one by one, pair by pair, the two piles are seen to be in the exact same order, i.e. 6H with 6D, JS with JC. (NB: this is so beautifully done - no switches, gaffs, etc. - and the final reveal in the wine glasses is absolutely superb).

    The spectator then takes one of the piles, and shuffles it again. Cards are dealt from the pile to form a phone number, which another spectator enters into his or her phone. When the number is rung, an envelope on the side of the table and in view the entire time begins to ring - the magician's phone number has been formed from the shuffling.
  14. Oh, something else to add, while we're on the subject of Vigil. The haunted deck that he performs is fantastic too - but more so how he presents it. Now that is just absolutely amazing.
  15. :eek:
    That sounds like a damn good trick. Sounds faintly reminiscent of Out of This World; a miracle in which the spectator does everything, using cards and yet is so far from a 'pick a card' trick...I'm very impressed, and that's just from a description.

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