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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Simpson, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I come today with a giveaway for all of you, in no way trying to sound like a nagging parent however there are course lots of people in the world who are not so well off so are unable to purchase magic effects, decks of cards, DVDs, Books. Since it nears christmas I thought I would do this now as a sort of present!
    Basically I have gathered up some decks, DVDs, Books and effects and placed them all in little magic aid boxes :D I have a few of these boxes that I am willing to give away free of charge (completely!) to anyone who contacts me!
    The one catch is that I must believe you are worthy of receiving one of these boxes cause course I cannot give them out to anyone!
    If you want to know why I am doing this then my answer is simple, I have realized how fortunate I am and am lucky enough to own large numbers of decks and can open new decks every few days without thinking however there are people out there who have been doing magic for years with only a few decks and I thought these people needed a break :) especially as it nears christmas!
    Send me a message containing details of why you believe you deserve one of these boxes and I may be able to give you hints on the contents (in some boxes are wynns, massas, split spades etc along with some great books and DVDs).
    So hit me a message if you want one :) remember they will go quickly and an early merry christmas :)

    Thanks all,

  2. Thats cool of you. Good looking out man.
  3. Love the idea, "Magic Aid".
  4. good for you man. thats a very kind thing to do
  5. I agree completely...thanks man!!
  6. Very nice idea you have here. Kudos to you, my friend.
  7. yeah, cool idea.Thank you!
  8. Thanks everyone for the entries, so far I have two people who shall be receiving packages, the first person I have been informed about and I shall hopefully be given his address soon. He does not know he will be recieving a package, the next person is gabemaggic, so if you send me a PM with your address I will get it sent straight away :)
    I still have a few to go so keep the PMs coming :)

  9. Props man. Thats some good holiday spirit man, good on you!
  10. This is probably one of the nicest things I have seen in a while

    Thanks man for such an amazing idea!
  11. Normally I'm all over free stuff, but I feel that being able to afford buying a few decks once in a while and Some new tricks every year makes me one of the lucky ones.

    Great idea and it shows the amazing kindness still existing in the world. Kudos!
  12. Another reciever is katani8 and Zenn_Darkfire, PM me your addresses and I will get your parcels sent out right away!

  13. Great idea.

    One of the goods, right there folks.
  14. this is amazing. great idea. tons of props,
  15. Nice idea bro!
    This definitely means a lot to those who are need. Props to you!
  16. Thank you very much! This was really generous of you!
  17. wow are you lucky or what!!!
  18. Very nice and gerogenous man thanks a lot your nick name should be St. Nick
  19. This is an awsome Idea. I wish there was someone like you out there when I was 11 trying to get into magic when I couldnt afford magic or couldnt even find it.

    Im going to see if my local magic shops would like to set somthing like this up with me to help local kids who want to study.

    I hope more people would take this kind of spirit. I know quite a few young men who wants to get into magic and cant afford it.

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