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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ajatustenlukija, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Check out this page:

    If you follow the instructions you will be given a free instant dowload "Magic square" by Luke Jermay. And you will also have a chance to get a free DVD dowload of a not yet released Penguinmagic DVD.
  2. Please don't adverise here. Thanx.
  3. Wow... That's pretty cool.

    It's also a rather sneaky way of getting votes. *laughs* Ah well... I've always loved the magic square concept.

    - Sean
  4. You are complaining about the fact that I gave you a link for a free 25-min download? Well it's nice how people appreciate free stuff give to them.
  5. Don't mini-mod either, "thanx." :rolleyes:

    I'd like the instant download, because Luke Jermay is awesome, but I really can't be bothered voting for someone I don't even know. :p
  6. it won't let me register?
  7. I think that's a pretty dishonorable of them, bribing people like that.
  8. I can't believe there bribing people.
  9. I'm too lazy to sign up...
  10. Thanks for the link mate.:)
  11. I would hardly consider this a bribe, they are simply supporting a magician in a different aspect of his life. If you don't wish to aid him, then it is your choice to make. I think it is great that they are helping him make it to the top so that he can compete. Imagine how it would feel to have an entire community at your back helping you succeed. It's love and friendship, mate.

  12. Bump. keep voting, I want that dvd!
  13. all I can say, is that I e-mailed twnty four hours ago and didn't get magic square!
  14. Mmhmm. Me neither.

    - Sean
  15. I did, do you have an account there?
  16. Yeah. Does that matter?

    - Sean
  17. Check your mypenguinmagic account. If its not their, e-mail maxwell.
  18. yeah, I re voted, and told them agaqin the percentage. and he said it would be in my 'mypenguin' but it isn't, and I emailed him but no reply, and it still isn't there.
  19. Aha. Now I have it :) Cheers.

    - Sean
  20. I just got it, only took like 8 hours, make sure you put the right topic and put your username in the email.

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