Free shipping for $75+ order?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by white_lynx86, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. It says free shipping on the holiday guide
    but I read * $4.95 credit for the shipping cost

    so, which one is the correct one?
    Is it 'free' or 'total shipping cost-$4.95'?

  2. sounds like something youd ask customer service up front.
    Or at least PM raiker
  3. well slightly off topic, but if i get $100 worth of bikes, to ship to nz, it costs about $100. kinda counter intuitive.
  4. Give it a shot now - and you should see the discounted rate. Definitely will not be anywhere close to $100.
  5. I was under the impression of free shipping, not discounted shipping.

  6. Our baseline shipping rate is $4.95. During this promotion, we are discounting all shipping for orders over $75 by that baseline amount - $4.95. Although we did have a note in clarification directly to the right of the graphic on the Gift Guide page, we don't want to confuse anyone - ever. And I absolutely understand how one may get confused based on the graphic that was there.

    That said, we changed the graphic on the Gift Guide page to make this discount uber-clear. It now says "$4.95 instant shipping discount on orders over $75" directly within that graphic area. Hope that this makes things more clear, and we certainly apologize for any confusion or imprecise wording in the original text.
  7. Cleared it up. Now it makes sense. You guys are great.

  8. So, it's five dollars off of the shipping price (if over 75)?
  9. Seems about right, but you will have paid $0.50 shipping for every deck (over one) it takes to get up to that $75.

    I can't see how anyone thought "Free shipping" would translate to $4.95 off (even with a note on the side). It's really difficult to make that phrase ambiguous, but you did.

    (I just got 57 decks+ delivered from E from the other coast for a flat rate of $3. Where "flat rate" means exactly what everyone thinks it means.)
  10. You are correct 100%. To respond to Hikeeba's comment directly, we do apologize for the initial confusion on this - it should have been presented in a more clear, precise manner. Do note, however, this this was promptly resolved per your feedback. We are always listening and whenever necessary, we always step in and make things right.

    Regarding the shipping cost - that is not a fair nor equitable comparison, as our cost per deck is nearly HALF of that on other retailers. I trust that you would much rather pay a reasonable, realistic shipping cost than spend twice as much for the same product.

    If you need an apples to apples comparison, our cost on 60 decks of normal Bicycle's is $113.40. The cost on Ellusionist (the site you mentioned) is $179.40. That's a difference in cost of $66.00. Shipping them cross country (domestic) on theory11 would be around $12.50. Meaning you would save $53.50 - and that's if they were offering FREE shipping. Hope this puts things into a bit more perspective. ;)
  11. Thaks JB, now I understand the "free shipping" means

    You got a point on the quote above
    But nothing's perfect, T11 has the advantages to bring custom deck to low prices (also with a lot of profesional artist on each and every DVD), when E is trying to push down the shipping cost. Every side has their own advantages.
  12. To make things clear, for an example if the shipping is $14 , so its $14-$4.95 ?

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