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  2. Wow,
    that looks awesome, do you know where is available from, and how much it costs?
  3. Awesomness and it is being sold at mathieu bich's website
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  5. I have a low budget right now but maybe all buy this if I can scoop a couple bucks together. I really liked the trick where he has the four cards fanned out and he shakes them and one visually changes into a black card.

  6. Thanks Matt
    I'll be sure to pick this up
    EDIT: Is Matt ok? :p
  7. This DVD looks real good!

    His handling of the rub-a-dub vanish particulalry intrigued me, being one of my favourite moves in all of magic!

    The coin work also looks exceptional, and that weird colour change as the card is dealt to the table looks excellent!

  8. Any reviews on this yet?

  9. Haha, I was just thinking about this. I'm yet to pick it up, but I sure will soon. Just got myself a job, so my magic wallet is getting quite thick.
    I'll review as soon as I do.
  10. I remember seeing the preview for this a while ago, and I loved that rubberband effect. And the colour change.

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