French Drop: Out-Dated, or "That new thing"

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ArcaneTiger99, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. Just wanted to know if you think that there is any false transfer that can compare to the french drop.
    I know my performance isn't that great, but keep in mind the spectator doesn't know where to look. Performing to the camera just isn't the same, you know? I also made this video for only 1 purpose, to demonstrate the french drop, this is not how I normally perform coin magic.
    Thank you for your feedback!
  2. Dude. You always sign your threads off with 'I know it isn't that great, this isn't how I normally perform' or something. If you know that its not great, don't put it up- It isn't gonna hurt to not post a video when all you're asking is 'Does anybody think the French Drop is the best false transfer'. We all already know what the FD looks like dude.

    Anyway. No, I don't think it's the best false transfer. I think it's the best in certain scenarios. Obviously in other scenarios, other moves will be more suitable. It's all about context (And this response can cover just about any 'Is this the best transfer/control/vanish/switch/etc questions.
  3. Yes, there are.

    There's a kind of jerkiness to the movement; the left hand pauses kind of unnaturally on the take, and the right hand clenches and moves away like it's on fire.

    The eye is drawn to movement, and a greater movement draws more attention than a lesser one. Try moving the left hand first, as if you're taking the coin away from the right hand, and let the left hand's movement draw the eye from the right hand. And try to iron out the jerkiness, the hand going really fast to take the coin, then stalling there. Minimize the movement of the right hand, especially the clenching into a fist.

    Chris is right; context is everything, and that's usually the answer.
  4. The french drop is very effective if used correctly. Watch Tim Feher's "One Coin 2.0" for an example of how convincing it can look.
  5. Completely agree. There are sublteties to the move that can make it look amazing that Tim uses. I also agree that there is no point at posting a video that you "don't normaly do this way". Take the time to do it like you normally do and then post so we can critique it. Thats the only way you'll get better.
  6. I love using it as a Shuttle Pass personally.

    I never use it as a vanish.
  7. I agree with Chr!s's first post:
    He makes the point that we already know what it looks like. This is true. A lot of lay people even know about it. Its more about how well its performed, rather than its utility, so posting a video with a bad performance, again, is even more pointless.

    Also, why do you upload your videos to DailyMotion? It lags like crazy, and it makes the quality of the videos much less (also its smaller). YouTube is almost always the best option. Vimeo isn't bad either. Just wondering.

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