French Kiss LIVE

Jan 12, 2011
Southern England
Nice job! One of the hardest things in magic is to approach someone and show them a trick and you showed that you are full of confidence in this video. keep it up.

There is a couple things i would like to comment on and hope you can find something in these suggestions. The video has two different groups and footage mixed into one. I think it would probably be more powerful if you only had the one video on a continuous stream. This would be as close up magic is very personal to each spectator and just one group would make the effect seem more powerful. It would also speed up the start of the trick and make everything flow a lot better.

Something else would be just to make the trick more personal to you. French Kiss has been performed by thousands of magicians, its a very powerful effect so its no surprise but nearly everytime anyone sees it performed it looks like its just been learnt from Art Of Magic that day. Find something that will distinguish your version from the others.

You show you have the confidence, skill and everything else to make it big in the magic industry, well done and keep up the good work!
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