French Kiss Variation

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  1. I was looking through my closet where I keep boxes filled with decks of playing cards. I opened this really beat up box to find a special deck of cards I hadn't seen in a while. When I first started card magic I performed the same ambitious card routine over and over to different people. Sometimes I would keep their signed card at the end and over time I collected enough to have over 50+ signed cards.

    As I was spreading through the deck, I found one card with a signature on it from a friend of mine who had signed it over a year ago when I performed my ACR for him. I performed this for him and his girlfriend. If you know French Kiss, you know there is a limitation that you cannot perform this for two people (such as a couple).

    I hope I haven't given too much away, but you can probably see where I went with this. Anyway, thought I'd share. Don't know if this has been done before. But still.
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  2. If you know FAX by Loki Kross, you could do that first and then go into doing French Kiss with a couple. It's fully possible. That would actually be quite a heavy hitter routine.
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  3. How was the reaction? I think that's a pretty cool idea! I leave any signed cards with the spectator, since it gives them a physical memento of the moment. But great job on being creative!

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