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  1. So we all talk about how we need to pay attention to our spectators and listen to their comments very closely after our performances. Well I just wanted to share with you guys a wonderful example of this. I performed french kiss for my bosses brother, and after the astonishment and all that he goes "well **** do you have a listerine strip?"
    Since then I have been going around with listerine strips, and after the reactions have died down I offer the spectator one. The moment is beautiful!!! It completely renews the amazement, as well as adding a huge bit of humor to the routine. I cannot thank you enough Jimmy!
  2. Even though I refuse to put props / cards in my mouth that is funny and I'm glad that bit adds to your routine. Thanks for sharing that.
    I've just had too many experiences where spectators have not been happy seeing a card go into or come out of a mouth...especially when hands have touched both cards. Just my thoughts. I know Eric Jones mentions this in one of his DVDs as well. It's still a very strong effect...don't get me wrong.
  3. Yeah it definitely would be something I'd be weary of using in any sort of formal environment, but I generally am performing for college kids or younger adults. Not necessarily that germaphobic of a demographic. On this note, it could almost be an extra comedy bit if you used a "new" (resealed) deck, and put on latex gloves in preparation for the trick. Another great line that I love to use with this one is right before I put my card in my mouth I say "Now, your going to feel a little tickle. It's going to be in your throat." And if used on the right audience that one kills.

    P.S. this is just about my favorite card effect to perform.
  4. Great idea!

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