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Jan 11, 2008

bSmith finally releases his work on one of the most impossible card locations ever! For years he has fooled some of the most knowledgeable magicians with this easy to do effect and best of all, it’s self working! His in-depth explanation will have you performing “Frequency- an experiment in joint attention” immediately, regardless of your skill level!

Imagine handing a spectator the deck to freely shuffle, they then remove a card, then SHUFFLE it back into the deck, all while your back is turned. Now imagining having the ability to know exactly what their card is?!

FREQUENCY comes in a 15 minute download-filmed in 'HD'- with comprehensive teaching from b.Smith.

FREQUENCY relies on an old, yet simple principle that makes this effect pretty much 'self-working'. You'll have all the needed items to "construct" the "gimmick".

I, myself, love the premise of FREQUENCY, the interesting subject of joint attention, mixed with the the ploy of the effect, I believe works very well. And I also believe that the reveal of the card is an interesting take on the revealing aspect.

b.Smith also teaches you a clever and 'bold' version where you can perform FREQUENCY with a borrowed deck, as well as an alternative handling that will accomplish the same result just without the needed extra.

I've been performing FREQUENCY now for about 3 1/2-4 months now, and I can assure you the reactions are great... it's definitely one of the few card tricks I perform now.

It's simple, easy, and direct. |


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