Fresh Scent battle

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  1. fresh scent battle
    1. no special effects to hide the move e.g camera cuts

    2. under 2 mins

    3. music is allowed


    good luck
  2. I guess I'm in. Send me a challenge.
  3. Ok...this is the thing i didn't think about haha how do you send it? i have never done a battle before
  4. You want to challenge someone for the same effect? I don't get it. The videos will be the same.
  5. it's who can do he effect better what do you think!?
  6. Well you shouldn't even perform the effect at all unless it's practically perfect.
  7. shut up it's just a competition it's for fun! I would show you my video but i don't want my competition to see it yet...
    p.s will you accept the battle?
  8. Nothing in the world is perfect so its not really going to happen

    You don't really want to put a video that completely ruins the trick. Its need to be decent at least where there is little/or no flash at all.
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    The videos will be completely different. Two seperate performers who hopefully put their own style and presentation into it.

    Although I do agree, what evidence do you have that it isn't perfect?

    If you post a video with un-perfected magic, someone can watch it again and again until they figure it out...catch my drift?

    Well, the music was good.
  10. Why are you guys arguing about it?

    This thread has no point at all,whats the point of doing the video?
    how is someone going to battle by doing the same effect,
    the videos are going to be the same
    it will be different if it was in front of an spectator.street performance or something.!
  11. not really two different performers = different patter, different variations, different style there will be a big difference.

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