From Nothing by Kevin Parker

Oct 6, 2007
From the mind of Kevin Parker comes the most mind-blowing trick sinse revolution. This is a simple but powerful trick that gets awesome reactions.
So lets start the review.

The effect.

You have a grocery store bag with obviously nothing in it .You tell the spectator "look inside the bag" They do. Seeing that there is really nothing in the bag you then say "you may not be able to tell but there is acually an apple inside, right here you just have to look closer" You reach your hand inside the bag as if holding an apple, and the apple visually slowly appears from nothing in your hand! You can then hand out the apple for the spectator to keep it is a real apple and is edible.

The teaching in the video is by Kevin himself and could definatley have been better there are some key elements to the trick that he just left out. It is however a simple trick and should only require moderate practice

There is a gimmick but can be easily purchased at any magic shop

The acual manefestation of the apple is amazing. You do end dirty but can be easily cleaned up.

Overall I think this trick is definatly worth owning, its simple, powerful and effective.

On a scale of 1-10 for the teaching alone I give Kevin a 6-10

As for the overall effect , cleanliness and simplness of the trick I give it a 9-10

Check this trick out! It is definatly a reputation maker. People remember this trick!
Oct 17, 2007
Aussie NSW
Yes i got this trick its accually a great trick but Kevin Doesnt really teach it all that well he says um alot and stuff like this but its accually a good trick if you dont know where to purchase this here is the link
Oct 6, 2007
After thinking about it I acually forgot to mention that the angles are sensitive. Also it is all about timing. The timing is crucial when doing "the move" too soon and your busted, too late and your busted, it has to be just right. Like I said however it will take moderate practice and you might get caught until you can figure out just the right timing and angles wich Kevin really doesent teach too well.
Sep 28, 2007
Reminds me of Osterlind's Glass of Water Production.

Osterlind does teach his effect very well in his DVD series and producing a full glass of water from an empty bag surely seems much more incredible than an apple.


theory11 moderator
I thought this looked like the worst trick of 2008.....

Haha, Yeah - I like some of KP's stuff, but I think making an apple appear from a plastic bag is...well, I doubt I'd be impressed if I was in the lay for that :p

He used post links to some really cool things he came up with, Manimation looked cool, you draw a line on your hand with a sharpie and make it disappear, appear and jump from hand to hand and also mirage where he made a bottle of water appear from no where...

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