From where to learn mentalism especially like Lior Suchard and Derren Brown Revelation Effect .

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  1. I have read Tony Corinda and Anneman but couldn't learn the nuances of psychological illusionion. Please guide me how learn mentalism of that level.
    Not asking to expose the methods of Lior Suchard. But the direction where i can practice mentalism like he does.
  2. As I said in a recent thread,

    Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals.
    Paul Brook's Alchemical Tools.
    Then Corinda's 13 Steps.
    These will teach you foundation skills in contemporary mentalism.

    13 Steps is like an encyclopedia. It's got tons of information, but learning mentalism from it would be like learning English by reading the dictionary. Fundamental's covers how to perform mentalism, and also has a nice long list of books in the back to read, which he calls The 39 Steps.

    Derren Brown and, in all likelihood, Lior Suchard both started from the same basic sources. They're using contemporary classic methods done very well, for the most part. There's probably the occasional fancy device in play but generally speaking well placed peeks, switches, forces, and a decent memory are the bulk of what's at play.

    The thing about mentalism is that it is far more demanding theatrically. The reason guys like Lior and Derren are so good at it is because they understand the theatrics behind it, which makes what they do seem so much more impossible. However, I assure you, there's nothing they're doing that can't be learned from sources currently on the market.
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  3. Thanks for reply,
    I would go through sources you have mentioned.
  4. @Josh Burch
    Sir i have already finished the Richard Osterlind course on Corinda.What i felt was that Derren Brown and Lior Suchard methods are advance form of mentalism.Though they also use basic mentalism principles in their routine but it's only 10-20%. Their major part of the act is still very seasoned and suave mentalism.

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