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  1. Alright, I am slowly trying to master as many fields of magic as possible in the next three years and I think I am trudging along rather nicely. I am currently reading Tarbell and Bobo's and both have me stuck at the same point, the front and back palm. I can imagine how useful this sleight is, but I can't even start a back palm (even without the switch from front palm) and get it to look natural. Any advice??? I am currently using Half-Dollars, so don't think that I am trying this with Quarters or something like that.

  2. My advice? Keep working on it.

    You haven't given us any real details, so I can't advise any further. Just keep adjusting until you get something that works.
  3. I should have said the front and back finger palming. I can do the front finger palm with it resting between the first and forth fingers just fine. But when I switch to back palm it doesn't feel like the coin is big enough. I have tried it with Silver Morgans and then it just feels too big. Am I trying to get my hand flat for the appearance???
  4. Hi there,

    The coin that you use for backpalming should fit the size of your fingers! A Morgan Dollar has been far too big for my hands.

    When I was 20 years old , I did a stage coin act, based on the routine by Ron Mc Millan. I did a coin production of 8 coins from the backpalm. I used thin "palming coins" or Magic coins, the size between a half dollar and a Morgan dollar.

    The distance on stage makes this easy and your hand does not look unnatural at all. practise a lot and you will be able to backpalm up to about 6 to 8 coins with no problem on stage.

    Hope, this helps,

  5. jay sankey shows you how to do a goshmans pinch . its a lot easyer to learn

    he will show you how ot clip it with one finger and turn your hand so people cant see.
  6. check out coins in the mist by john carney , first dvd of the master sessions

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