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  1. hey this is for any1 who owns frozen by adam grace. i need some help. please pm me
  2. I have it but barely perform at all due to the set up and window of opportunity you have to perform the effect. Without going into exposure I just wished you had a bit more time than you do. There are too many scenarios that come into play that could throw your performance off by 10-15 minutes and then your outcome may not look quite as good.

    I love the effect but I don't find it practical for myself.
  3. This is one of the most magical effects I have ever seen. The only thing holding it back is the practicality. Learning of the gimmick was one of the most impressive things I've seen in a good while. I'd love to continue working with it and eventually find a practical way to make the gimmick work.
  4. Amen to that Asher, the gimmick is truly...astounding to me. Curiousity couldn't have killed the sure helped Adam Grace create Frozen. I have performed this trick only once for my cousins at my house, because it does seem impractical at times. But the simplicity of it, and just the pure magical element of ICY SMOKE coming out of your MOUTH just makes up for it.
    A great effect to own, but does not guarantee that you will use it as street magic. For certain situations, this would be a reputation maker.

  5. I think the guys above are right, it's an incredibly visual and magical looking effect, but it's not the kinda thing you can carry to do walkabout or off the cuff.

    You know what though? I wouldn't want to.

    There are certain effects that I save for certain situations, a. when it's possible to achieve the effect to it's fullest and b. when there's the opportunity to get a lot out of the performance.

    This is the kind of effect I would save for those occasions that you REALLY need to make an impression, it's the kind of effect that will allow the MYTH to build around you as

    It's very easy to burst a REALLY powerful story by performing the same effect with less impact, it immediately crushes the thoughts of amazement and wonder that has been created from hearing a story about you.

    So learn the effect, practice and save it for that special occasion that you know you can get the most out of it and when the situation is correct.

    Recommended reading; Telling Tales - Jermay, The Shiels Effect - Doc Shiels



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