Frustrating Situations?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gabriella J, May 18, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone!!
    I wanted to know if any of you had anything that frustrates you as magicians, that may relate to some of us.
    (Ex. Certain audiences, performers who don't script material, or common mistakes magicians make, etc).... anything that bothers or frustrates you ; whether it's other people or other performers.
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  2. Grabby spectators. I don’t go and try and play your guitar while you’re doing a show, so please don’t immediately reach for my deck of cards. (I like clean ending tricks for this reason.)

    As for my own frustrations, I’m switching hands as I learned how to double lift, count etc in my right hand but I can only bottom deal left handed. The inconsistency created questionable moments if I had to swap hands for my deck. So i’ve been accidentally triple lifting and pinky counting is a complete joke right now.
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  3. Most of my frustrations come from other performers not dedicating the time and energy to their craft to present a quality performance. Not only are these people annoying to work with (If you're in a variety show, for example), they also poison the well so to speak for people who are trying to get paid respectable wages for their offerings.
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  4. Most of the times, it's me myself who frustrates me.
    Like, when I need to execute a sleight or a one handed cut...I KNOW that all I need to do is bend my pinky, and suddenly, I CAN'T EFFING BEND MY PINKY! Suddenly, my pinky has a mind of it's own. The blob has taken control over it...I am under some body-bind curse...
    It kills me so much right then...I get mad and start using my other hand to bend my pinky, which makes my poor pinky pain so much, but at that moment, I am a sadistic villain and I am like,

    Also, when I do everything I am supposed to and still the sleight looks trash, it frustrates me to the point of thinking abt giving up...but of course when I finally manage to do it, well, I won't describe the happiness I get won't go well with the depressing and sadistic taste of the thread :D.

    PS:- [DISCLAIMER:- THIS CONFESSION MIGHT MAKE YOU WANNA HATE ME. GO AHEAD. BUT PLEASE DON'T REPLY THOSE HATEFUL WORDS TO ME...I'll begin crying :(:(:(:oops::oops::oops: ...jk, bring it on ;)]
    I am frustrated to no end when I KNOW a particular performer performs badly...I can see others who think he performs badly...and I KNOW I perform better...but he has got more popularity than me...
    Long live second-world country problems!
  5. A little pet peeve of mine is when the spectator just insists your cards are gimmicked when they're literally red bicycles.. :confused:
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  6. I've had a person who was really suspicious of the fact that I was wearing a blue shirt and using a blue deck of bikes.
  7. Haha. People don't understand life
  8. At the end of the trick, when the guy says « oh sorry I wasn’t paying attention » or « I don’t remember the card but that was good (I suppose) ».
    Happens with family usually.
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  9. I HATE it when I am doing a book test everything is going amazing then... they forgot the effing word or card or anything else like that. It is painful stuff.
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  10. I would say when a performer does not add enough visual interest into a performance. Conversely, I really enjoy watching a performer who does do something to add that interest. For example, lets say a performer does an effect where he or she sets the deck of cards down for a moment to do something. Some performers will do something as simple as placing the cards in a wine glass on the table. The wine glass is superfluous from a technical standpoint, and adds nothing of practicality to the effect. But it does break up the monotony of having cards as the only object on the table and gives the performance an aesthetic that is more interesting to look at.
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  11. I hate it when magicians think that they know everything after dabbling in magic for a year or two. I've been swimming in magic for about 25 years now. I've worked with the best in the business, I still get stumped and I still get fooled often.

    I hate it when my audiences wont relax for just a moment and let me have control. I'll pull out a brand new effect that either I learned from the creator or created myself and every once in a while I get a few people in the crowd saying "Oh, I know this one!" This happened at a carnival I was working over the weekend. I brought out a rubber band and a washer and a random 12 year old kid immediately said, "Oh, I know this one!" Come on! I just want to say, "Relax, I'm going to do some stuff here that you will not understand. It will be fun." After I did the trick he insisted he knew how to do the trick, he even tried to explain it to me. He was dead wrong. We talked afterwards and everything was okay, he was just hard pressed to make sure that everyone knew he was a know it all. That ruins it for everyone.

    I can't stand it when magicians ask how a trick works. There's some stuff you don't get to know! Be happy that there is still stuff out there that fools you :)
  12. my frustrations are when people try to figure out your trick and heckle at you when they think they know it but there 100% wrong
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  13. That's a major pet peeve
  14. Yea. For every good audience they'll be one person with their arms crossed, ego high, and liveliness low.
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  15. Honestly my biggest pet peeves are when other magicians in your audience heckle you. Like don’t vanish the coin dude just give it to me. I’m being paid to entertain today not you. Haha
  16. I am astonished that there are magicians out there who do not know better. One time when I was about 10, I wanted to be a magician and there was one who performed at a party I was attending. He did a trick with a glorpie and I blurted out "I saw the...!" We should respect each other's craft. More appropriate would be to give some constructive feedback in private, and after the show is over. The latter is extremely important. If my center tear was sloppy and you saw it, by all means tell me after the show so that I know what I need to adjust. But I don't need to be thinking about that as I go on through my act.
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  17. I think that stems from the fact that many magicians learn magic as a substitute for learning social skills.

  18. Wait so you’re telling me most people don’t sit inside all day and don’t see the light of day for months on end...well I have officially waisted the last 5 years of my life. :p

    Just kidding I’m cool I swear:D
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  19. Most people do sit inside all day - it's called an office job. Just most of those people then go out, spend time with friends talking and telling jokes, having some drinks and dinner - all without having to monopolize attention by doing tricks all night.
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  20. I always try to go along with the trick when another magician does one. I dont try and trip him up or do a trick in the middle of his. I just try to enjoy the magic.
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