Full Metal Jacket

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Astro, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if this book is any good anyone own it?
  2. YES!


    sorry bout the caps, but its amazingg
    really worth it
  3. It's a very good manuscript, plus there's a website you can get access to with teaching videos for some of the more tricky sleights involved, so you get both the written description and a visual.

  4. Thanks for the responses, i ordered a copy i cant wait to get it.
  5. Yeah like already said, and even though you've ordered it now, Full Metal Jacket is a great booklet. "Thank you LePaul" I use on a regular basis and most of the other material I have tried at least once.
  6. I know you've already ordered it, but I'll chime in and say once again, that it is EXCELLENT.

    The effects in the booklet are practical, and I use them regularly.
    It was a great purchase.
  7. Yeah, the book is really cool!
    I like every single effect, excluding "Lie detector"
    Deffinitly "Must read"
    Shodan, can you tell me about that website?
  8. I believe that they refer to it in the book. However, here's the link anyway:


    You'll be wanting to click on the "exclusive clips" link.
  9. Just because I'm curious, and I think the Lie Detedtor given is great, why don't you like it?
  10. I love it.
    But for me I can not really learn from books. Its probably because I really haven't been reading that much lately...
    I kinda lost mine and can't find it soo... yeah that sucks.
  11. I personally like it.
    But maybe he doesn't like the handling cause he uses another, the amounts of things you have to remember, or maybe he just didn't like the effect.
  12. Yes, the book is mental- I would recommend it to anyone here, you wouldn't be dissapointed. Not only do you get a top quality product containing slick material that is not only beautiful to watch but incredible at the same time, you also get free video clips to help you on your way too. Since I know some people cannot easily learn from descriptions, the latter will definitely be a big plus to them - all you have to do is email Syd on the matter.

    Me like!

  13. It's a brilliant booklet, and it contains top notch material. My favorites include "Thank you LePaul" and "A logical lesson". Both of which I use frequently.

    I love "Lie Detector", and I think it's very clever. The only reason why I don't use it, is because the spelling doesn't work in Swedish.


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