Fulton's Clip Joint Playing Cards (Dan and Dave)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NicholasT, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I recently received a deck of D&D's Fulton's Clip Joint playing cards. The reviews in Dan and Dave's store has everyone raving about the feel and handling of the deck. I found that the cards feel flimsy and weak, and do not fan very well at all. A normal pack of Bikes seems to fan better, and feels more solid.

    Is anyone else disappointed by these cards?
  2. Wow that's weird.
    I got 6 decks of these and they feel like butter! Best fanning deck I have ever bought and I have had quite a lot of decks.... Maybe they got warped or something?
  3. I'm the same with Eduard. They fan beautifully! I would say the handling got degraded and warped as it was being shipped. Maybe contact D&D about it?
  4. My clip joints are pretty sweet.
  5. I to had the same problem, but i just keep using them, and now they are a pretty good deck of cards. The only issue i have with them is that they are too thick.
  6. Really? I got four of them, and I absolutely love them? There solid, and smooth as silk. Maybe your pack just came warped or something.
  7. Maybe you have to break them in a little bit more ? Or as the others already said, they warped while they were shipped. If you´ve already broken them in for a while and they are that bad, then I would contact DnD
  8. @Hawk-Eye, Fulton's Clip Joint playing cards were printed on the USPCC's web press to the highest of standards. Every deck of Clips we've opened has handled exceptionally well. It's also hard to imagine them feeling "flimsy and weak" as they are on the stiffer side of anything we've produced. Therefore, we more then welcome you to contact our support division and initiate an exchange for a new deck. We're confident you will love them once they arrive.
  9. I've been using my Clip Joint for about a week. They've become less slippery and clean than when I originally opened them, can I initiate an exchange for a brand new deck?
  10. I carried the same deck with me since christmas and they still handle pretty well though I had them either in my hands or my pocket for two weeks now...
    But to be honest they were a bit hard to break in, but after about a day or so I've come to like theml.

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