Fundamental Card Handling Techniques - great free video from Roberto Giobbi (normally €4.95)

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  1. Roberto Giobbi is highly respected in card magic circles for his Card College series. He's a terrific teacher with a real insight into playing cards and magic, and few are better at teaching the fundamentals of card magic than he is.

    Giobbi put out a video instruction course based on the books, entitled Card College 1 & 2 - Personal Instruction: The Complete Course. This was originally sold as a set of 4 DVDs, but is now available as a digital download via his website in 23 individual chapters/lessons for €4.95 each.

    The good news for people wanting to learn the basics of card magic is that the first lesson (over half an hour of video instruction) is currently available in entirety for free. It is solid stuff - even though I've been doing card magic for many years, I learned some helpful tips from it. You can get it here:

    Lesson 1: Fundamental Techniques:

    If you are interested in exploring more, you can buy the 23 individual chapters/lessons for €4.95 each, but it's a much better deal to purchase the entire set as a package for €49.95 here:

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  2. Thanks for the heads up!!!
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