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  1. I’m shaping Strolling Magic routine and currently some jokes and gags in. For example. I got this great idea from Christopher T Magician, YAY TACO!

    You to a trick, and at the end when the climax is going on, the magician says, if you thought that was great, this is a little greater. The magician pulls out a mini grater. You see, a little grater. It’s nutmeg grater, so quite small. But it’s so funny and unexpected.

    One last example which you may know. Before you start a trick you say how your son inspired you to do magic etc. Build the “awe” up then you suggest showing a photo of him. Turns out to me just a photo of the sun.

    So you can see from the examples. Do you have any to share please?
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  2. Does anyone like card tricks? Yeah? ok I'll show you one... Just a little card trick if that is ok...? *Pulls out miniature cards.

    Did you want to see a picture of my kids? *pulls out photos of random baby goats.

    Have you ever seen a magician pull a rabbit out of his hat? *reaches in and removes something so tiny you can hardly see it. Look! Its a little hare!

    Jokes about burning a hole in your wallet then ignite fire wallet.
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  3. Haha these are great. Thank you.
  4. People find it really funny when a magic trick goes wrong. So if you do a trick with a kicker ending that seems like it has gone wrong at first, people will always laugh. Not a gag but it works well.
  5. On the picture note, I heared someone hold up a picture of their family and say - this is not my family.... It's just a picture of them.

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