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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Mike is a BEAST, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys ive been watching some youtube videos of changes and one change ive run into is the GOAT change or Carolina Click Change (3C). According to some people they are the same thing, and according to others they are different. The GOAT change was made by dan and dave and the 3C change was made by nfpalmer, but ive seen videos of both and i cant tell the difference. Anyway, every person who's performed it says that it is unpublished and that you cant learn it... which is weird because they obviously learned it from somewhere... anyways, does anyone have any info on this?

    Here is a link to some performances of it.

    I have an idea on how it's done but it doesnt work nearly as well as what these people can do
  2. Palmer(nfpalmer) did post a tutorial to show people the correction/differences between the two changes. Personally, I think they are two very different changes.
  3. is there a link to said tutorial?
  4. He took it down.
  5. GOAT will be taught in Dan and Dave's upcoming DVD, andthensome.
  6. Hi,
    well the Carolina Change is similar, but the GOAT Change is something different, obviously I can't tell either,because of exposure,
    but basically the methods to get into the actual changing of the cards are different.

    tom field
  7. Ok, to clear this up:

    The GOAT Change is different from the Carolina Click Change.

    The GOAT Change is the Buck's change, which should be released in their upcoming DVD, andthensome.

    The Carolina Click Change is a different change created by nfpalmer, which looks similar but has a different method as well as different pros and cons. There was a tutorial for this change a little while ago, but was taken down. This change was originally created as an alternate ending to a Tyler Wilson effect.

    Palmer did not learn it from anyone, both changes are original creations. Those who perform the 3C change have probably learned it in the past from nfpalmer's old tutorial; those who perform the GOAT change either have learnt it from the Bucks in person or friends of the Bucks, or else have figured it out by themselves, or at least figured out some of it. Both are hence unpublished.
  8. Damn, No matter how much I see it, it never fails to amaze me.... Man do I want to be able to do this change.... One of these changes. :)
  9. I've seen the GOAT change get ready done with the flourish taught on everythingelse. Haven't got a clue about the rest.
  10. I have my own (more flourishy) variation of this change. What does G.O.A.T stand for?
  11. Greatest of All Time
  12. Ineski has a change called Once In a Lifetime that looks similar but he also claims that the method is different than G.O.A.T and the Carolina Click Change. The video is gone from Youtube now but it looks just like the other two.
  13. I couldnt have explained it any better if I had tried to do it myself. Thanks, lol.

    The actual premise behind the move is not really anything new at all. I would credit the original method to someone, but its just one of those moves that really cant be pinned down.

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