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  1. What are the best card Switches for gambling?
  2. I think you mean mucking? There are 2 types of mucks, the ones you can show as a demo of your skills and face up can look like color changes, and the ones that are more secret and designed to switch the cards while apparently looking at them. There are quite a lot of techniques for each of these mucks, and probably the best source for them (if you can find it) is George Joseph’s book on hand mucking. There’s also a download by father alex and another one by dustin marks on vanishing inc which are worth mentioning. Richard Turner, Steve Forte and Darwin Ortiz each demonstrate some mucks on their gaming protection dvds. Daniel Madison has a move called muck shun, and he teaches it for free on his youtube channel. If I’m not mistaken, Jeremy Griffith and Dustin Marks both have free work on mucking as well. I can send you the links to the if you want.

    Btw, if you are interested, I have a video on hand mucking on instagram if you wanna watch it. Here’s the link:
  3. I don't mean mucking because my hands are still growing and I have windows when classic palming so I was looking for something with tenkai palm or gamblers cop. Though I would still be very interested in those links
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  4. Mucking doesn’t necessarily require big hands. For example in something like the gambler’s palm which is the starting position for most mucks, you can have fairly small hands and still do the moves.
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  5. Thanks! I'll try it again. You said you had links?
  6. I agree with Mr_ARPY. You don't necessarily need large hands to muck, it's enough to know the angles well enough to be able to hide the card even if it shows on one side of the hand. It's just one of these things you have to practice with the mirror to get it right.

    I second the Father Alex download; it helped me get started with mucking and the 2 mucks (and a variation on the second one) are explained well and clearly.
    Richard Turner's "The Cheat" DVD is, in my opinion, not the best place to start, as there is - correct me if I'm wrong - only one muck shown, and mucking isn't Richard Turner's primary focus.
    I'll let somebody else do the extensive Steve Forte advertising for me, but if you're interested in gambling stuff he's your best bet. His Gambling Protection Series must be really incredible, and I'm sure there's something there for you as well.

    By the way, Mr_ARPY -- Where are those links? I'm interested as well!
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  7. Sorry for not sharing those links earlier. I didn't open the forums yesterday. Here are the 3 links I have found most helpful:

    P.S. The basic discussed in these videos is for single card mucks, but you can apply those techniques with minimum changes to more than one card. After that, you just gotta watch other people do it in their performances and try to figure out their methods on your own. At least this is the path I took.
  8. Thanks a lot!
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  9. You’re welcome. You’ll be learning them in no time.
  10. Thank you :)
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