Gambling Expose. Table Faro.

May 11, 2017
Ukraine, Odessa
Hi gents.

Looking for magicians review on my video. Any feedback is appreciated.

What kind of review are you looking for? What is the goal of the video?

Strange question for me.. what review, you are looking for, showing something to other magicians?

There is no magic clubs in my country and the magic community is really small..
Probably sharing some parts of the arts inside inner circle of magician, on forums, or during the magic cons, or something else.. we are looking for comment, appreciation, or criticism to improve the technic and the art of magic..
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Sep 13, 2008
Well, what I mean is are you looking for a review of the techniques presented or a review of the video in general?

Personally, I think it was a bit slow and repetitive. Also, I could be wrong about this as gambling sleights are not my forte, but I believe the Tabled Faro should be as flat as possible. You're lifting the edge of the deck enough that it seems like you're trying to clock the faces of the cards.

That being said you do execute the move well, and it's very clearly presented in the video so there's no confusion about what's going on.
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Jul 3, 2014
Is it your desire to do a table faro undetected? If so, then bring the corners together getting rid of the offset. Also make sure your thumb movement mimics your true shuffle.

Is it your desire to table faro as an exhibition? If so, It is a beautiful, smooth and even elegant shuffle! Well done!
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