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  1. Hello folks,

    This question is more to the people who got interest in Gambling and Cheating stuff.

    If you were to control the full deck order using false shuffles and cuts, what would your sequence look like?
    Well, mine would be something like: Strip-out false shuffles and Up The Ladder cuts and then some of Erdnase's false cuts. Gotta love Erdnase.

    Anyway. What would your sequence look like?

  2. one false riffle shuffle. either push through or strip out. up the ladder and then one false cut after that.
  3. I'm not too much of a table worker. What is up the ladder exactly?
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    Mine would look like legitimate shuffles and cuts because anyone that understands anything about gambling work knows that full deck controls are utterly pointless when it comes to in game situations.
  5. Quoted for truth. False shuffling is almost useless in actual cheating. Simply put: You can do more with less.
  6. ^ re quoted for truth;)
  7. The only "false" shuffles you will need are block controls. The largest slug you would ever have to control is MAYBE 13 cards. Anything bigger than that just cold deck your stuff.
  8. Neither UnknownMagician93 nor BninroC69 have any idea what they're talking about. I have lunch about twice a month with a guy that may be one of the last great (active) poker hustlers in the country. A guy that continues to play in some very serious games all over the U.S. every month.

    He uses (and we discuss) full deck controls all the time. They're essential in certain situations.

  9. I am really glad you chimed in here Mr. England =).

    Not to mention that regardless if you are to use your techniques in a live game, full deck controls are commonly performed/ displayed in professional gambling demonstrations. I do a NDO full deck control at the start of one of my close-up parlor shows (for smaller audiences).

    I use a combination of the Z shuffle, push threw, up the ladder, false strip, false cuts.

    Oh, and lastly. I use full deck controls/ shuffle sequences EVERY time I do my Mnemonica routine at a table.
  10. I have a good friend who, for years, worked at a casino and cheated as a dealer. From everything he's said, and the stories he's told, the zarrow shuffle was essential to what he did.
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  13. I can't riffle stack for my life, so to be honest, I just cold deck it with cards in the location I need them in. False shuffles are a lot easier then riffle stacking, but atleast I know I'm definitely not skilled enough to pull off something as advanced as that.

    And Dan, not trying to piss you off or anything, but you just wrote two paragraphs full of hatred towards Jason and had like 10 words censored, and you closed with "grow the **** up." I'm not going to point out the irony in that, and I don't mean to take sides. Just sayin' it's kind of funny.
  14. So standing up for people is now immature? Perhaps you should articulate...
  15. Telling somebody to grow the **** up is irony in itself. Especially if you're talking with the mouth of a sailor over the internet. And who was he standing up for? ...
  16. Me, and himself. But I shouldn't be getting involved in this discussion because, let's not forget, I have "no idea what I'm talking about".
  17. And I'm sure this is based on your experience playing in home games and discussing this issue with crooked casino dealers?
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  19. Gotta say that it's always interesting seeing people expose their ignorance to their betters. For sure you have a lot more to learn from Jason England than he from you.

    All this anger and saltiness in your reply makes me wonder what it is you're compensating for. I know that BninroC69's reply is much more in line with what we'd expect from someone who knows what they're about. That doesn't mean they're right, but they sure as hell were more reasonable and level-headed than you are.

    I also wouldn't point to a quick video of stacking 5-handed as some great proof that BninroC69 is better than Jason to any degree. It's a decent video, but you are overreaching if you think it proves anything.

    BninroC69, if you admit straight out that the experience and knowledge of one dealer doesn't supplant every other dealer and card player in the world, you will be able to admit that one dealer's contention that false shuffles aren't useful is only his personal opinion based on the environment he worked in, and that another dealer, or a crossroader, or what have you can have a wildly different opinion and actually use full deck false shuffles for their own purpose.

    And UnknownMagician93, a free clue: Shade wasn't written or directed by Jason, so it's not his movie.
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