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    Well I've been getting into gambling sleights lately and i'm right now practicing the bottom deal, which i learned from Expert Card Technique. However, i wasn't able to comprehend any other gambling slights from the book. Which is normal cuz i usually like to learn through video.

    So does anyone know any good dvd's teaching gambling sleights? Second deals, false shuffles, card mucking, etc. Unfortunately, due to bad economy, i can only get something around $40. Right now i'm considering Gambling Moves by Simon Lovell. So is this a good choice for me? Or is there some other good gambling dvd's?

  2. Steve Forte Gambling Protection Series videos soon to be Dvds.
  3. I never found this to be a good source to learn from. It really only demonstrates the sleights and tells you how to protect yourself against them.

    It's a lot of, "you see how this and this is done, and that's how the deck order is retained"
  4. Try Weapons of the crad shark 1 and 2 by jeff wessmiller.
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    Darwin Ortiz on card cheating is a great DVD, but I would strongly recommend that you buy or dust off a copy of the classic book the expert at the card table, I admit that it is not as visual as a DVD, but it is way cheaper, ( I got a new one for a friend for 10$) and 70% on the stuff that is actually practical comes from that book.
  6. Steve fortes series is going to be miles away from $40. Fast Company By Damien Nieman I have heard good things about, thats $80 though.
  7. Ya i have that book. But the reasons i learn better are:

    1. I really cant comprehend some of the English in there

    2. Videos are better for me because i can see the precise timing and finger positions.

    So ya, i really cant learn that well from books.
  8. That's cool, in that case I think Darwin on card cheating your the best bet (no pun intended :))
  9. Is this intended for magical performances, gambling demonstrations or actual cheating? Answer this question and I can give you a better answer.
  10. Erm, i'm mainly looking to do demonstrations. The only time i would actually use the sleights to cheat is when i wanna mess with my friends when playing poker :p.

    Right now i'm debating whether to get Gambling Moves (by Simon Lovell) now, or save up and buy Fast Company (Damien Nieman) later.

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