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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Josh Simpson, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Anyone got any suggestions for booklets, DVDs Which contain gambling
    style tricks which doesn't necessarily have to use gamblng sleighs :/ eg high spots by caleb wiles :) thanks
  2. Here's a few

    Brian Tudor Card Sharp
    Darwin Ortiz has a few DVD's on gambling
    Expert at the card table (Book)

    These are the ones i can think of
  3. Well if you don't want to do gambling sleights than I recommend looking into some Darwin Ortiz dvds and Royal Assembly by Joshua Jay.
  4. Also paul wilson done
    FAN 2 C
  5. A long time ago I though about doing a gambling demonstration with no skills, I did'nt gave it much though but pop a few duplicates here and there, and you can basically mimic every false deal out there.
  6. Except the faceup second deal.
    But yes, for youtube-purposes, duplicates are the name of the game^^
  7. Wow, I cannot believe people forgot about Jason England's work.

    What about Jason England Foundations?
  8. He doesn't actually want to learn gambling sleights, so Jason England isn't appropriate.
  9. The Card Magic of Nick Trost has lots of great gambling routines within it's pages, including a demonstration of second, bottom and centre dealing that doesn't actually use any of those moves.

    Highly recommended book.

  10. Get Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz. Comes in book and DVD form to suit your preferences.
  11. Juan Tamariz has a book that has a ton of gambling routines in that really don't use any difficult sleights at all.
  12. How about character?

    Theme your tricks around your character.

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