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  1. Lately i've been wanting to learn some Gambling Tricks so I decided to search the topic up online. I found this on Vanishing Inc.'s website:

    Anyone know if the DVDs are any good? It seems like an amazing deal... but maybe its too good to be true.

    Otherwise, does anyone know of any good DVDs that have a compilation of Gambling routines and moves (besides Foundations v1 and v2)?


  2. Yes, they are great. Honestly though, I would start with Jason England's Fundamentals. He just does the basic gambling moves but he covers them better than almost anyone. I have some of Ackerman's Advanced card control series, those Darwin Ortiz DVDs and both are great but it wasn't till I really watched Fundamentals and sat down with Erdnase by my side that I really started to understand "Gambling Demos."
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    Richard turner's the cheat is a fantastic dvd on the subject. The definitive video resource for gambling sleight of hand is possibly steve forte's gambling protection series, but he doesn't go as in depth with teaching as richard turner does on his dvd's. I would recommend The cheat and The science of shuffling and stacking by richard turner. You could build a gambling demo with nothing but those and a copy of expert at the card table, and it would cost less than the gambling protection series, which is currently going for about $100 from a few sources. Eventually, if you get really into the cheat gambling techniques and performances, the gambling protection series will become a must for you, I watch them almost everyday.
  4. I agree with that, except the Gambling Protection series(only because I don't have it so I can't comment.) Richard Turner's stuff is excellent(he is my personal Favorite) but I still think Fundamentals is a great place for a beginner. Turner's stuff can be pretty burly for a beginner.
  5. Just to point out... You don't NEED cheating techniques for cheating-like effects (I refrain from using gambling as I apply the term to legitimate play as well). That'll help you on your search...

    You might also want to look into the Aronson stack. There's lots of built-in cheating/gambling effects that you can do with it.
  6. You can not go wrong with Foundations 1 and 2. Also my first gambling DVD was Damian Nieman's Fast Company which I HIGHLY recommend. Sam the Bell Hop by Bill Mallone will give you plenty of false cuts and shuffles. Also the strip out triple cut from Penguin by Luke Jermay is a FANTASTIC thing to get when starting out. Benjamin Earl has a great DVD out, though it is not for the beginner. Jeff Wessmiller has a pretty good DVD fro someone new to gambling. Also the Sal Piacente is pretty good as well

    Thos are just to start off, then tackle Richard Turner, Ortiz, and Forte

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