Gazzo's Tossed Out Deck

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  1. Gazzo's Tossed Out Deck

    The Official Spam-


    To do the whole routine, you will need to be able to do two sleights, and that's it. The sleights are taught in the booklet you receive with the deck, and they're not hard to master. Other than that, it's all presentation.

    What You Get-

    When you receive your package, you will get a plastic bag, and inside you will get a deck, and a little booklet explaining the effect. Nothing else, nothing more.

    The Deck-

    There is nothing really "gimmicked" about the deck, but it is not a normal one, and although it is handled by the audience throughout the effect, it cannot be handed out for examination.

    The Presentation-

    For all the slackers out there, this effect does come with Gazzo's own presentation to the effect. It is pretty cut and dry, but he does include some great jokes to throw in, and a line that WILL get you a standing ovation... if you do it right.


    This effect does require just a tiny bit of memorization, but it's really not that bad. It took me literally about 30 seconds to do it, and I haven't forgotten it... yet.


    According to Gazzo, the deck should last you about a year until the cards start becoming yellow and nasty, at which point you'll have to either buy another one or make your own (which would be cheaper and faster, but I'd rather have Gazzo do it for me lol). I haven't performed with mine yet, but I have been handling it quite a bit, and it still feels fine.


    I think the deck is very high quality... what else would you expect from Gazzo? It looks and feels like a normal deck, and if you handle it like a normal deck, it won't arouse suspicion.


    This trick is totally self working and fool proof. If you're anything like I was, when you first read the instructions, you're going to buzz by them just to see how it works, and wonder how it's fool proof. But once you think it through, you will be enlightened.


    I can't wait until I'm able to use this effect at a family gathering, talent show, or something like that. I think it will get devastating reactions, and, to me, it just seems like such a great effect. Maybe it's just me, but I love it, and I wish I was able to use it more.

  2. great review
    own it
    have it down par
    no god damn crowds to perform for until summer

    great job
  3. Same here. Well, I don't have the performance down yet, but I can't wait until I have a chance to perform it.

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